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  • "NXT: For over five and a half years, the revolutionary force in sports entertainment" AMAZING.
  • I'm so happy they brought in Todd Pettingill for this. I tried to interview him for the show, but couldn't get in contact.
  • Todd teases giving away a house, but it isn't happening.
  • They actually had to build the new house set because apparently they didn't have the old one still.
  • The Code Orange performance was what it was.
  • They should have used the honest to god Lord Alfred Hayes soundbyte for the "promotional consideration" spot. R.I.P.
  • Robert Stone is seemingly drunk and depressed.
Pete Dunne Segment Added To 5/18 WWE NXT

Tegan Nox, Shotzi Blackheart & Mia Yim defeated Dakota Kai, Raquel Gonzalez & Candice LeRae

  • Raquel Gonzalez catches Shotzi in the middle of a tope and suplexes her. It seems like Mia would be easiest to catch, since she leans out.
  • Tegan does a Molly Go Round on the pile.
  • Shotzi's work with Candice is particularly good when they're alone in the ring.
  • I love a good Dragon Suplex, and Mia Yim does one. LeRae goes high crotch and suplexes her though. They brawl away.
  • Shotzi and Tegan do a double dropkick that was off-time, but both his Raquel. It was pretty cool.
  • Shiniest Wizard beats Dakota Kai.
  • This was good. A great pace, good way to get Mia and Candice out, and a good way of booking Raquel.

Finn Balor defeated Damian Priest

  • Finn Balor goes right at Priest, but quickly ends up side slammed on the apron.
  • Damian Priest has an awesome back elbow and Flatliner.
  • I did find some humor in Priest doing the Corbin Special #3 -- the half nelson crossface.
  • The Broken Arrow is such a great alteration of the Falcon Arrow for Priest.
  • Balor's stomp was FILTHY.
  • Priest going for the Razor's Edge repeatedly was a great touch, until he actually got it on the apron.
  • The chemistry here is off the charts. Priest does a Trouble In Paradise and a top rope chokeslam.
  • How is Damian Priest not everything Vince McMahon wants in a big man?
  • Priest goes for ANOTHER Razor's Edge -- Damian Priest wasn't going for a Razor's Edge there, he was going full on Awesome Bomb! Balor kicks him out onto the stairs.
  • Another couple of Coup De Graces and Balor wins.

NXT North American Championship
Keith Lee (c) defeated Johnny Gargano

  • Keith Lee wearing Black Lives Matter gear.
  • Lee catches Gargano with a powerbomb outside after a kind of funny "speed series."
  • There was a doorbell camera on the set, which was hilarious.
  • Gargano works on the hand of Keith Lee. He pulls a flying armbar, but Lee lifts him up.
  • The crowd is singing that Gargano Sucks to Darth Vader and John Cena themes.
  • Great spot where Gargano kicks the rope into Lee's hand and does a suicide dive tornado DDT.
  • Lee pounces Gargano through the plexiglass!
  • Candice LeRae comes to help, but Mia Yim is following.
  • Gargano stabs Lee in the EYE, and kicks him repeatedly, but can't get the win.
  • Repeated powerbombs and the Ground Zero win it for Lee!

NXT Championship
If Velveteen Dream Loses, No More Title Shots Against Cole
Back Lot Brawl
Adam Cole (c) defeated Velveteen Dream to retain the title

  • It rained like crazy all week they filmed this Dream/Cole match and they didn't get to tape it until after midnight.
  • I went to a BBQ joint before heading to Full Sail for an NXT taping once and took a wrong turn walking there and ended up on this set.
  • Adam Cole tries to leave, and Dream bashes his car with a bat. What a rib.
  • This is mainly brawling, and I don't think it needs commentary.
  • They're on a ladder, but Undisputed Era (sans Kyle) show up. Cole gets knocked off a ladder onto a car window.
  • Dexter Lumis is under the ring and helps Velveteen Dream by fighting off UE with a chair. He KIDNAPS Undisputed Era.
  • Dream counters a Panama Sunrise with a Dream Driver and sits Cole in a chair and does a Flying Elbow for two.
  • A nutshot and a Panama Sunrise on chairs get the win for Cole. No way you could put the title on Dream right now.

Karrion Kross (w/ Scarlett) defeated Tommaso Ciampa

  • Kross does a choke toss onto the apron. Damn.
  • Doomsday Saito. Ciampa is getting heaved around.
  • Ciampa is able to hit Widow's Bell as they both get in the ring
  • Kross does an inverted F5, and it ruled.
  • Kross Jacket chokes out Ciampa!! Wow.

NXT Women's Championship
Io Shirai defeated Rhea Ripley and Charlotte (c) to become champion

  • Charlotte is taking control and being cocky.
  • It's weird to see someone make Rhea Ripley look normal in size.
  • Charlotte sends Ripley into the barricade.
  • Shirai and Rhea battle in out, and Mauro makes a Mousasi vs. Jacare reference that only I understood.
  • Charlotte hits a double spear, but can't get a win.
  • Charlotte is very clearly the centerpiece of this match, and she should be, because she's going to elevate both of these women to superstardom.
  • Shirai gets the Bullet Train on Ripley, but Charlotte does Natural Selection. That sold me a ticket.
  • This just feels like Io Shirai's night. She does a great suicide dive on Ripley.
  • All three brawl onto the set, but it's mainly Charlotte and Rhea.
  • Io Shirai jumps off the house onto both women!!
  • Ripley end up hitting Riptide off the top rope on Charlotte, but Io breaks the pin!!
  • Ripley has Prism Trap on Io, but Charlotte comes in with a kendo stick and wears everyone out.
  • A spear and Figure Four are applied to Rhea. Io DESTROYS Ripley's head with a moonsault there and gets the pin.
  • That was a nasty moonsault. Bad. The match was great though.

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