TNA IMPACT Wrestling On POP TV 12/8 Eddie Edwards VS EC3, Allie vs Laurel Van Ness & More!

This is the live coverage for tonight's episode of TNA IMPACT Wrestling on POP TV! Tonight the new TNA IMPACT Grand Champion will address his title win this past week, Laurel Van Ness looks to get rid of Maria's Allie problem in a match then in our main event we have Eddie Edwards defending his TNA World title against perennial contender EC3! Who will walk away with the title? Will EC3 become a two time champion or will Eddie stay champion and retain his title? Be sure to come back here at 8PM EST to find out!

-MOOSE comes out to start the show and says he's devoted his life to team sports and that they played for one prize, a championship, saying this is the first major title he's ever won and thanks the fans. Drew Galloway comes out and gets in the face of Moose then demands he say his name. Moose says he knows exactly who he is, Drew Galloway and Drew says he's back. Drew tells a story about the IMPACT Grand Championship being made for him, but he got injured. Drew makes analogies to the NFL and says he wants a fight and asks him to a match. Before he can say anything Aron Rex comes out and says he has a rematch clause and invokes it right now.

Aron Rex vs Moose IMPACT Grand Championship Match

Round 1

Moose is in control early until Rex hits him and sends him out of the ring and back into it for a very close 2 count. He seemingly used the power of the punch, but it wasn't enough then puts on a side headlock on Moose. Rex tosses Moose back outside then slams him into the apron before rolling him back in for a quick 1 count then puts on another headlock as we get to the 30 second mark. Moose powers out, but Rex drops him for another quick 1 count then Moose chops him, Rex running around as round 1 comes to a close.

Winner: Round 1 goes to Rex

Round 2

Moose hits Rex repeatedly then teases the Game Changer, but Rex goes to the outside and rakes the eyes of Moose before putting him back in the ring and hitting a series of knee drops for two quick 2 counts. Moose chops Rex when they go to the outside then Rex sends him back first into the apron before rolling him back into the ring as the round is down to a minute. Moose powers out of a hold on the ground, but Rex hits a kitchen sink then Rex hits a series of knee drops then an elbow drop for a close 2 count as round 2 ends.

Winner: Round 2 goes to Rex

Round 3

Moose is aggressive early and hits the Game Changer within the first 30 seconds for the pin and the win.

Winner: Moose via pinfall

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