WWE Main Event Report For March 3: Gran Metalik vs. Ariya Daivari & Sin Cara In Action

Welcome to the WWE Main Event report for March 3, your commentary team consist of Tom Phillips, Byron Saxton & R-Truth.

Sin Cara vs. Bo Dallas

The match begins with Dallas taking Cara down with a headlock, Cara breaks free and he nails Dallas with a springboard high cross body. Cara follows that up by nailing Dallas with a springboard back elbow strike, Dallas propels Cara to the ring apron before eating a kick to the head. Dallas rolls to the arena floor and Cara nails him with a running swanton bomb on the arena floor. Cara throws Dallas back into the ring and he kicks away at him, Dallas drags a kicking Cara and he throws him out of the ring. Cara gets back in the ring and Dallas nails him with a rope assisted spinning neck breaker for a near fall, Dallas applies the chin lock to a downed Cara.

Cara starts fighting back and he misses a springboard high cross body, Dallas traps Cara in the corner before stomping away on him. Cara drops a charging Dallas with a boot to the face, Cara goes to the top rope and he hits Dallas with a swanton bomb for the three count.

Winner: Sin Cara

The first Raw Flashback shows a confrontation between WWE Universal Champion Kevin Owens and Goldberg.

We are then treated to a highlight package showcasing the history between Triple H and Seth Rollins.

Our next Raw Flashback shows Triple H confront Seth Rollins during an interview with Corey Graves.

Gran Metalik vs. Ariya Daivari

The match begins with Daivari working over the arm of Metalik and we go to a quick commercial break, we return from the break as Daivari slams Metalik to the mat below. Daivari traps Metalik in the corner before nailing him with a forearm strike, Daivari then throws Metalik into the opposite corner before missing a dive. Metalik drops Daivari with a few strikes before nailing him with a bulldog, Metalik then drops Daivari with a middle rope hurricarana. Metalik catches Daivari with a top rope splash for a near fall, Metalik goes for the Metalik Driver and Daivari pokes him in the eyes.

Metalik and Daivairi exchange super kicks before Daivari drops him with a clothesline for a near fall, Metalik catches a charging Daivari with a Metalik Driver for the three count.

Winner: Gran Metalik

The final Raw Flashback shows the contract signing between Roman Reigns and Braun Strowman.

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