WWE NXT Great American Bash Results (7/5/2022) : Bron Breakker vs Cameron Grimes NXT Title + More!

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Match Card

WWE Reveals More Vince McMahon Payments Totaling $5 Million, Delays Upcoming Quarterly Report

- NXT Championship Match: Bron Breakker (c) vs. Cameron Grimes.

- NXT Tag Team Championship Match: The Creed Brothers vs. Roderick Strong & Damon Kemp.

- NXT Women's Tag Team Championship Match: Toxic Attraction (c) vs Roxanne Perez & Cora Jade.

- NXT North American Championship Match: Carmelo Hayes (c) vs Grayson Waller.

- Wes Lee vs Trick Williams.

- Wendy Choo vs Tiffany Stratton.

Live Coverage

- The show began with members of the NXT Locker Room having a Barbeque to promote the show for later in the night. Indi Hartwell, Nikkita Lyons, Ikeman Jiro, Edris Enofe, Nathan Frazier, Ikeman Jiro, Duke Huson, Brooks Jensen, Josh Briggs, and Kelly Kincaid (formerly known as ROH Announcer Quinn McKay) were all a part of the Barbeque. Sanga hit a cannonball on top of Duke Hudson.

- Vic Joseph and Wade Barrett welcomed the viewing audience to the broadcast before quickly transitioning to the opening match.

NXT Women's Tag Team Championship Match.

Toxic Attraction (Jacy Jayne & Gigi Dolin) (c) (w/ Mandy Rose)vs Roxanne Perez & Cora Jade.

Jayne and jade locked up, with Jayne and Jade tossing each other. Jade got a roll-up on Jayne for a near fall. Jade and Jayne evaded each other's offense before Jade hit a rolling snap mare/dropkick for a near fall. Dolin and Perez tagged in, with Dolin Irish Whipping Perez onto Jayne's forearm. Jayne hit a chop on Perez's chest twice before hitting a hip-attack snap mare for a near fall. Jayne sent Perez into the corner with an Irish Whip. Dolin slammed Perez's face onto the mat before hitting double-ax handle strikes on Perez's back. Dolin and Jayne hit a senton/cannonball combination on Perez in the corner before Jayen got a near fall on Perez. Jayne hit a running splash on Perez before Dolin hit Perez with a headbutt for a near fall. Perez got Dolin in a roll-up for a near fall, but Dolin hit a lariat and quick kicks on Perez. Dolin put Perez on the bottom rope before stomping the rope, damaging Perez's teeth for a near fall. Jayne hit a stretch on Perez, but Perez escaped. Perez and Jayne hit each other with stereo-pump kicks before tagging in Jade and Dolin. Jade hit Tijeras on Dolin, followed by an Enziguri kick and an Elevated Knee for a near fall. Jade hit Jayne with a snap mare for a near fall before hitting an Irish Whip. Perez and Jade hit a Russian Leg Sweep/ Missile Dropkick on Jayne for a near fall. Perez and Jade hit double super kicks on Jayne, but Rose broke the pin by pulling the referee out of the match. Dolin hit a Leg Sweep Uranage on Perez. Dolin and Jayne tried to go for Total Domination, but Jade speared Jayne out of the ring. Perez hit a Roundhouse kick followed by the Pop Rox for the pinfall win, crowning new NXT Women's Tag Team Champions.

Winner & New NXT Women's Tag Team Champions: Roxanne Perez & Cora Jade.

- NXT Champion Bron Breakker told an interviewer in the parking lot that his injured shoulder was fine.

- Tony D'Angelo revealed to Legado Del Fantasma that he injured Santos Escobar for costing him the NXT North American Championship Match. D'Angelo told Legado Del Fantasma that he would give them one more chance to prove themselves or they would join Escobar.

- There was a video promo showing Pretty Deadly (Kit Wilson & Elton Prince), calling Essex the epitome of Fashion before slandering Josh Briggs and Brooks Jensen.

Wes Lee vs Trick Williams (w/ Carmelo Hayes).

Lee and Williams locked up before Williams slammed Lee to the ground. They locked up again before Williams hit an overhead toss on Lee. Lee hit a toe-hold trip and a face-slam on Williams. Williams and Lee went for kicks before Lee hit Tijeras and a dropkick on Williams. Lee hit an uppercut on Williams, but Williams caught Lee in a power slam for a near fall. Williams stomped down Lee before going for a Russian Leg Lock. Lee broke the hold with an arm drag. Lee hit some kicks before hitting a double-stomp on Williams' back. ee hit a spinning kick on Williams. Williams put some rubbing alcohol on Lee's face before hitting a spinning Pump Kick on Lee for the pinfall win.

Winner: Trick Williams (w/ Carmelo Hayes).

- Stratton asked to get some powder on her face for makeup, but Wendy Choo slapped her with powder in the head. The two brawled in the backstage area, with Choo placing Stratton in a wheelchair before launching her into some chairs. Stratton hid behind a soundboard, but Choo was there sitting on William Regal's throne. Choo and Stratton brawled their way into the ramp before making their way into the ring for their match.

Wendy Choo vs Tiffany Stratton.

Stratton rolled out of the ring, but Choo brought her back in by pulling her hair for a near fall. Choo got a near fall from a roll-up, but Stratton hit a shoulder tackle on Choo. Choo hit a Thesz Press on Stratton, who rolled out of the ring again. Choo pulled Stratton's hair again, but Stratton slammed Choo's hand into the ring post. Stratton focused her offense on Choo's left arm before hitting a chop on Choo. Choo hit a chop of her own on Stratton before going for a Sunset Bomb, but Stratton hit a double stomp on Choo for a near fall. Stratton did the Roman Lock Up before Choo hit an overhead suplex on Stratton. Choo hit a cartwheel elbow on Stratton before hitting a sleeping cross body on Stratton. Stratton hit a pop-up powerbomb on Choo for a near fall. Choo went for a full nelson, but Stratton got Choo for a powerbomb, but Choo hit a frankensteiner followed by a Full-Nelson Uranage for a near fall, which Choo quickly transitioned into a Sleeper Hold. Choo hit a spike Brainbuster on Stratton for a near fall. Choo went for a German Suplex, but Stratton flipped out of it and hit a missile dropkick. Stratton, it a Corkscrew Splash on Choo for the pinfall win.

Winner: Tiffany Stratton.

- In a Backstage interview, new NXT Women's Tag Team Champion Roxanne Perez revealed that she was going to cash in her Breakout Tournament Contract against NXT Women's Champion Mandy Rose on the 7/12/2022 edition of NXT 2.0.

- Cameron Grimes encountered Bron Breakker backstage ahead of their match, with Grimes telling him that he will anything to get the NXT Championship.

- With new theme music, Apollo Crews came to the ring to cut the promo. Crews revealed that his kids stopped watching WWE because they thought he wasn't himself, but that changed when he returned to NXT. Crews said that he started thinking about what would look like if he face guys like Tony D'Angelo, Nathan Frazier, Bron Breakker, Cameron Grimes, and more would do. In a salivating piece of fantasy booking, Giovanni Vinci noted that Grimes excluded him from the list, saying that he will outwrestle him. Crews challenged him to a match at that moment, but Vinci proposed to have the match on the 7/12/2022 edition of NXT 2.0.

- Ivy Nile was interviewed backstage by McKenzie Mitchell, saying that Diamond Mine is only for people who have healthy egos. Nile exited the interview before saving Paxley from a verbal altercation between her and Katana Chance and Kayden Carter.

- Carmelo Hayes and Grayson Waller cut dueling backstage promos before their match for the NXT North American Championship, with Carmelo saying Waller is average while he is special.

- There was another video vignette promoting JD McDonagh coming, revealing that he is set to debut on the 7/12/2022 edition of NXT 2.0.

NXT North American Championship Match:

Carmelo Hayes (c) vs Grayson Waller.

The two locked up before Hayes and Waller exchanged side headlocks which both broke up by pulling each other's hair. Waller and Hayes exchanged near falls before hitting stereo slaps. Hayes hit a tackle on Waller before hitting a chop on Waller's chest. Waller went for the rolling Stunner, but Hayes pushed Waller off. Waller hit a rolling elbow on Hayes. Waller went to the top rope, but Hayes hit an enziguri kick and a spring rope leg drop on Waller. Waller hit a lariat on Hayes in the ring before hitting a sliding lariat on Hayes on the outside. Waller hit elbow strikes on Hayes' back before hitting a back elbow and a tornado back breaker on Hayes for a near fall. Hayes hit a high kick and a bottom rope tornado DDT on Waller for a near fall. Waller got Hayes in a Triangle Choke on the ropes before hitting him with a running back elbow for a near fall. Waller hit a suplex on Hayes, followed by a cravat. Waller hit a middle rope elbow drop on Hayes for a near fall. Waller hit a kick on Hayes' leg before locking him in a sit-down abdominal stretch. Waller broke the hold to hit elbows on Hayes' neck. Waller and Hayes exchanged strikes before Waller got Hayes in a Triangle Choke. Hayes hit La Mistica Face Buster on Waller for a near fall, quickly transitioning into the Crossface, which Waller broke with a near fall. Waller finally locked in the Triangle Choke on Hayes, but Hayes broke the hold and hit a super kick on Waller, to which Waller responded with a Leg Lariat on Hayes. Hayes and Waller exchanged strikes before Hayes hit a spring rope lariat on Waller. Waller hit a low dropkick on Hayes before hitting a somersaUlt Killswitch on Hayes for a near fall. Waller hit the Stunner on Hayes, but Hayes rolled out of the ring to prevent Waller from getting the pinfall. Waller got Hayes back in the ring, but Williams got in the way but got hit with a forearm by Wes Lee. Waller went for the rolling stunner, but Hayes caught him in a codebreaker before hitting the top rope Leg Drop on Waller for the pinfall win.

Winner: Carmelo Hayes (w/ Trick Williams).

- There was a QR code on the screen. The QR Code revealed the time 8:10:11. No word as to what this means.

- Xyon Quinn lambasted Apollo Crews in a backstage interview, saying that he is the future of NXT & WWE.

- Mandy Rose called Cora Jade & Roxanne Perez "Team 2001", saying that Perez cannot beat her for the NXT Women's Championship.

- Andre Chase cut a class about July the 4th, with Bohdi Hayward falling asleep due to Thea Hale watching WWE Money In The Bank 2022 too much. Andre Chase revealed that they are going to go to England, teasing a possible appearance in NXT UK.

NXT Tag Team Championship Match,

The Creed Brothers (Julius Creed & Brutus Creed) (c) vs. Roderick Strong & Damon Kemp.

Brutus and Strong exchanged holds before Brutus did a takedown on Strong. Strong had a side headlock on Strong before Brutus hit a pounce on Strong. Julius hit a Guillotine Suplex on Kemp. Kemo hit a German Suplex on Julius before transitioning into a guillotine. Strong went for a Suplex but targeted his back instead. Kemp hit a snap mare headlock on Julius, but Julius tossed Kemp before Julius hit a gut wrench toss on Brutus onto Kemp. Brutus tossed Kemp into the corner. Julius hit a dropkick on Kemp. Strong sent Kemp back into the ring, but Julius tossed Kemp to the outside of the ring. Brutus hit a top rope cannonball on Kemp before the commercial break. Kemp was checked on by the referee. Julius hit a neck breaker on Kemp before getting her in a side headlock. Kemp slammed Julius into the corner, with Strong tagging in. Strong and Julius exchanged furious strikes before Strong got Julius in a Guillotine Choke. Kemp and Strong hit a knee strike/fisherman's suplex on Julius for a near fall. Strong targeted Julius' left arm before Kemp got a side headlock on Julius. Julius and Strong exchanged strikes with fury before Julius slammed Strong into the corner. Kemp got Julius in a guillotine, but Julius reversed it into a gut wrench suplex on Kemp. Brutus hit multiple strikes on Kemp before hitting cross faces on Kemp and a back elbow on Strong. Strong punched Julius, which led to Strong hitting two knee strikes on Brutus. Kemp tagged in and got Brutus in a headlock before hitting a fall-away slam on Brutus. Kemp hit a Sling Shot spear on Brutus for a near fall. Brutus got an Inside Cradle on Kemp before Julius and Strong tagged in. Julius hit a body slam, a vicious German Suplex, a belly-to-belly Suplex, and a flipping slam on Strong Julius hit the Flipping Slam on Kemp before hitting the Unnecessary Clothesline on Kemp for the pinfall win.

Winners And Still NXT Tag Team Champions: The Creed Brothers (Julius Creed & Brutus Creed).

- There was a video package promoting Axiom, the man formerly known as A-Kid. He returning to NXT 2.0 soon.

- Mr. Stone, Sofia Cromwell & Von Wagner were interviewed by McKenzie Mitchell and blamed the fans for not wrestling on TV. Solo Sikoa interrupted and told him to not blame the fans for telling him how it is.

- Apollo Crews vs Giovanni Vinci and Roxanne Perez vs Mandy Rose for the NXT Women's Championship set for the 7/12/2022 edition of NXT 2.0.

NXT Championship Match.

Bron Breakker (c) vs. Cameron Grimes.

Breakker and Grimes locked up twice before Grimes slammed Breakker in the corner. Grimes went for a wrist lock, but Breakker pushed him off. Breakker got Grimes in a headlock, but Grimes tweaked Breakker's shoulder. Breakker held on the side headlock before attempting a standing suplex, but Grimes transitioned into an inside cradle for a near fall. Grimes went for an arm lock on multiple occasions before he hit a lariat on Grimes. Grimes hit elbows strikes on Breakker's left shoulder, but Breakker slammed him in the corner with two Irish Whips. Breakker got Grimes in a Guillotine Choke, but Grimes broke the hold and targeted Breakker's left shoulder. Grimes got La Mistica arm-lock on Breakker before hitting elbow strikes on Breakker. Grimes went for a suplex but Breakker reversed it with a Standing Suplex on Grimes. Breakker went for the Gorilla Press, but Grimes evaded and tossed Breakker out of the ring. Grimes kicked Breakker's chest before hitting a running Senton on Breakker from the apron to the outside of the ring. Grimes stomped down Breakker's head before getting back in and pinning Breakker for a near fall. Grimes continued to focus on Breakker's arm, kicking Breakker's left arm for a near fall. Grimes got Breakker in a Hammerlock Arm-lock on Breakker before changing it into a pinfall for a near fall. Grimes kicked Breakker's chest, but Breakker powered up and hit a Spine Buster on Grimes. Breakker and Grimes exchanged strikes before Breakker hit two shoulder tackles and a takedown on Grimes. Grimes hit a forearm strike, a superkick, and a standing fall-away slam on Breakker for a near fall. Grimes pulled Breakker's shoulder into the top rope. Breakker and Grimes went to the top rope before Breakker hit an Avalanche Frankensteiner on Grimes for a near fall. Breakker went for a spear, but Grimes reversed it into the Octopus Lock. Grimes hit the Cave In on Breakker for a near fall. Grimes went for another Cave-In, but Breakker caught him in mid-air with a spear for the pinfall win.

Winner: Bron Breakker (c).

- JD McDonagh attacked Bron Breakker from behind after the match, making his NXT return a week in advance. McDonagh stood tall to end the show.

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