WWE NXT Results for 11/28/18 Keith Lee vs Lars Sullivan, Lorcan & Burch vs The Mighty

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Oney Lorcan & Danny Burch vs The Mighty

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Danny and Oney start the match with fluid tags and double team moves until Shane rocks Oney with a European uppercut and Danny and Oney lock in dueling submissions. Nick hits a belly to back suplex to Oney once they're free and Oney is distracted by Shane before Shane comes in and hits a double ax handle off of the middle turnbuckle. The Mighty hit a double side Russian leg sweep into a PK and a sliding lariat for a near fall. Oney comes back with chops before Shane drops him with a European uppercut and dropkicks him before Oney hits a half hatch suplex and a tope to the outside that takes out both members of The Mighty. Oney then counters The Mighty when they go for Thunder Road and pins Shane with a sunset flip for the win.

Winner: Oney Lorcan and Danny Burch defeat The Mighty via pinfall when Oney pins Shane.

EC3 vs Marcel Barthel

They lock up to start the match before EC3 puts Marcel in a side headlock and Marcel hits a reverse neckbreaker for a quick two count. EC3 then drops Marcel with a back elbow before hitting a jumping elbow drop and hits the One Percenter for the pin and the win.

Winner: EC3 defeats Marcel Barthel via pinfall with the One Percenter.

Mia Yim vs Vanessa Borne

Mia offers to shake Vanessa's hand, but she just slaps her and Mia hits a series of arm drags before Vanessa beats her down in the corner and smashes her face into the middle turnbuckle. Vanessa hits a variation of a bronco buster and hits a spinning float over suplex for a quick two count. Vanessa locks in a rear chin lock before Mia hits a flying armbar, Vanessa quick to the bottom rope for the break before Mia locks in a tarantula in the ropes. Mia drops Vanessa with a series of kicks and dropkicks before hitting a running kick in the corner into Eat Defeat for the pin and the win.

Winner: Mia Yim defeats Vanessa Borne via pinfall with Eat Defeat. 

Lars Sullivan vs Keith Lee​​​​​

They start the match by trying to knock each other over before Lars drives Keith into the corner and hits him with several shoulder tackles in the midsection. Lars drops Keith with a running splash before Keith drops him with a running cross body for a quick two count. Lars spears Keith in the corner and hits a spinning uranage into a sliding lariat and a diving headbutt off of the top turnbuckle for a quick two. Lars locks in an arm triangle before tossing Keith into the corner and hitting a running splash before he goes shoulder first into the ring post. Keith comes back with right hands and a slingshot cross body for a near fall before they exchange strikes and Keith sends Lars out of the ring with a shoulder block before hitting a diving cross body to the outside.

Keith then misses a moonsault before hitting the Freak Accident for the pin and the win.

Winner: Lars Sullivan defeats Keith Lee via pinfall with the Freak Accident.

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