WWE NXT Results for 11/28/18 Keith Lee vs Lars Sullivan, Lorcan & Burch vs The Mighty

Hey there Fight Fans, we hope you've enjoyed the WWE content today, and will stick around a little bit longer for what should be a good time with the stars of NXT!

Oney Lorcan & Danny Burch vs The Mighty

Danny and Oney start the match with fluid tags and double team moves until Shane rocks Oney with a European uppercut and Danny and Oney lock in dueling submissions. Nick hits a belly to back suplex to Oney once they're free and Oney is distracted by Shane before Shane comes in and hits a double ax handle off of the middle turnbuckle. The Mighty hit a double side Russian leg sweep into a PK and a sliding lariat for a near fall. Oney comes back with chops before Shane drops him with a European uppercut and dropkicks him before Oney hits a half hatch suplex and a tope to the outside that takes out both members of The Mighty. Oney then counters The Mighty when they go for Thunder Road and pins Shane with a sunset flip for the win.

Winner: Oney Lorcan and Danny Burch defeat The Mighty via pinfall when Oney pins Shane.

EC3 vs Marcel Barthel

They lock up to start the match before EC3 puts Marcel in a side headlock and Marcel hits a reverse neckbreaker for a quick two count. EC3 then drops Marcel with a back elbow before hitting a jumping elbow drop and hits the One Percenter for the pin and the win.

Winner: EC3 defeats Marcel Barthel via pinfall with the One Percenter.