WWE NXT Results for 3/17/21 Dexter Lumis vs Austin Theory, LA Knight Debuts

Good evening Fight Fans, and welcome to our coverage for tonight's edition of WWE NXT!

- We open tonight's show with a recap of last week's show before we go to the ring to the NXT champion Finn Bälor.

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- Finn Bälor is in the ring before Karrion Kross and Scarlett come out and says that the entire world needs to know who the real champion is before Finn tells Karrion that he walks and talks like a champion, but he's the champion. Finn tells Kross that he doesn't have what it takes to be in the main event and beat him before Karrion says that he promises Finn that he's going to know exactly what it feels like to be choked unconscious. Finn says that Kross will be in the main event of Takeover and choke before Scarlett says that she's already seen the future and there will be two champions draped in gold before they're interrupted by the NXT Tag Team champions, The Kings of NXT Oney Lorcan and Danny Burch. Oney and Danny say that Finn should be defending his title against their stablemate Pete Dunne who they know could beat the both of them. Oney says sooner or later Pete will become NXT champion before Scarlett says that times like these they will put their tag belts on the line against Finn and Karrion. Scarlett then manipulates Oney and Danny before Danny agrees that they will defend their titles tonight as Oney looks on in shock.

Dexter Lumis vs Austin Theory

Austin hits a running clothesline in the corner into a fall away slam for two before Dexter goes for The Silence and Austin elbows his way free before hitting a scoop slam. Dexter comes back with a spine buster into a side slam and a jumping leg drop for two before Austin counters a suplex into a roll up. Dexter hits a rebound suplex before missing a diving stomp and Austin hits a running knee into an ushigoroshi for a deep two count. They exchange strikes before Dexter clotheslines Austin and offers to help him up before Austin takes it and hugs Dexter before Dexter locks in The Silence again. Austin then elbows his way out and Dexter counters the ATL into a uranage before Dexter chokes him out with The Silence for the win.

Winner: Dexter Lumis defeats Austin Theory via referee stoppage.

- Backstage we're informed that the tag title match is now official before Tommaso Ciampa shows up and has a message for Imperium who he suspects are the reason why Timothy Thatcher isn't there tonight.

- We see Adam Cole backstage making his way out to the ring as we go to commercial.

- We come back from the break to Adam in ring where he demands Kyle O'Reilly come out before William Regal comes out and says that they're not going to have a match tonight since Kyle has been banned from the CWC. Adam then leaves as he says that he's going to find Kyle first after Kyle threatens him.

- We get a recap of Shotzi Blackheart and Ember Moon defeating Dakota Kai and Raquel Gonzalez for the NXT Women's Tag Team titles last week.

- Backstage Shotzi and Ember are interviewed about winning their titles before Aliyah and Jessi Kamea show up with Robert Stone and challenge them to a title match next week.

- NXT Cruiserweight champion Jordan Devlin arrives at the arena as we go to commercial.

Legado Del Fantasma (Joaquin Wilde & Raul Mendoza w/ Santos Escobar) vs Breezango

Tyler and Raul start the match off before Wilde comes in and gets dropped with a sliding knee for two before Tyler sends Joaquin into the corner and tags in Fandango. Joaquin rocks Fandango and clubs him across the back before mocking him and locking in a front face lock and sending him into the corner. Raul comes in and gets whipped into the corner before Raul goes for a superplex and Fandango slams him down before he's distracted by Joaquin before Raul knocks him off of the top and onto the floor as we go to commercial.

We come back from the break to Tyler getting the hot tag and dropping Joaquin repeatedly before dropkicking him and clotheslining Raul over the top rope. Tyler locks in a half crab before transitioning into a slingshot and sending Joaquin flying over the top rope before superkicking him once he's back inside. LDF then hit Tyler with Legado for the pin and the win.

Winner: Legado Del Fantasma defeat Breezango via pinfall.

- After the match the NXT Cruiserweight champion across the pond Jordan Devlin comes out to the ring and tells Santos to shove his title in the trash because he's the real Cruiserweight champion and he's back. Santos gets into the ring and says that he's not been filing in and that he's redefined the the division and made history before saying that the only reason Jordan has the title is because everyone forgot he even had it. Santos then challenges Jordan to a Cruiserweight Championship Unification Match at NXT Takeover: Stand & Deliver before Jordan hits him with Devlinside and leaves.

- Backstage Adam is interviewed where he says that he's leaving and is going to end Kyle when he finds him whether it's in the parking lot or in his home.

- We get a video package for the signing and upcoming debut of Japanese Joshi star Sareee now to be known as Sarray in association with the sun.

Zoey Stark vs Dakota Kai (w/ Raquel Gonzalez)

They exchange wrist and shoulder locks before Zoey locks in a standing side headlock before they run the ropes until Zoey hits a pair of arm drags. Dakota slams Zoey down by her hair before beating on Zoey in mount and whipping her into the corner before hitting a running boot in the corner for two. Dakota then locks in a body scissors before Zoey gets free and hits a slingshot cross body as we go to commercial.

We come back from the break to Dakota in control before Zoey comes back with clotheslines and a flurry of kicks and knees before hitting a half and half suplex. Zoey hits a running knee for two before Dakota sends her into the ropes before draping her over the apron and hitting a pump kick. Dakota superkicks Zoey out of the air before hitting a running kick in the corner for a near fall before they exchange pin attempts until Zoey hits a rolling senton. Dakota then hits Zoey with the GTK for the pin and the win.

Winner: Dakota Kai defeats Zoey Stark via pinfall.

- After the match Dakota and Raquel corner Zoey before the NXT Women's champion Io Shirai comes out to the ring and walks passed Dakota to Raquel before shoving a contract in her hands and leaving with Zoey.

- Backstage William Regal is interviewed where he says that he's going to address Jordan and Santos before a stage hand tells him something happened to Adam before they leave together as we go to commercial.

- We get a video package for MSK before Grizzled Young Veterans cut a taped promo and that they won't forget what MSK did last week.

Imperium (Marcel Barthel w/ Fabian Aichner) vs Tommaso Ciampa

Tommaso takes out Fabian before the match with a chair before starting the match by chopping Marcel and backing him into the corner before Marcel takes him down. Marcel hits a butterfly suplex before Tommaso clotheslines him over the top rope and onto the apron before Fabian distracts Tommaso when he goes for Willows Bell. Marcel chokes Tommaso in the ropes before Tommaso hits a knee lift into a clothesline and knocks Fabian off of the apron before hitting a German suplex. Tommaso then hits Marcel with Willows Bell for the pin and the win.

Winner: Tommaso Ciampa defeats Marcel Barthel via pinfall.

- After the match the NXT UK champion WALTER comes out to the ring and Imperium triple team Tommaso before WALTER hits a powerbomb and Imperium stand over Tommaso.

- Outside William Regal walks down the street to find Kyle and Adam In handcuffs before being arrested by police.

- We get a backstage promo by LA Knight ahead of his debut as we comes out to the ring as we go to commercial.

LA Knight vs August Grey

LA hits August with right hands and a back elbow into a slingshot shoulder block before hitting a powerslam and Bronson Reed comes out onto the stage with LA's jacket. Bronson flexes and rips the jacket before stomping on it before August rolls him up for a near fall before August hits a neckbreaker. August then misses a diving cross body before LA hits a cravat face buster for the pin and the win.

Winner: LA Knight defeats August Grey via pinfall.

- Backstage Raquel is interviewed about Io's challenge before Dakota shows up and tells her to sign it now so they can show who runs the NXT Women's division.

- We see Karrion Kross and Scarlett making their way out to the ring as we go to commercial.

- We get a video package for Xia Li, BOA, and Tian Sha.

- We see that Regal was interviewed backstage during the break where he said that Kyle and Adam will both be there next week if he can get the police to drop their charges.

NXT Tag Team Championship Match
The Kings of NXT (c) vs Karrion Kross (w/ Scarlett) & Finn Bälor

Kross and Oney start the match off with Kross man handling Oney before Danny comes in and gets dropped as Finn applauds on the apron as Kross locks in a bear hug. Danny then fights free and gets slammed before Kross hits a double suplex as we go to commercial.

We come back from the break to Finn in control of Oney before Oney backs him into the corner before hits a back elbow and chops before dropping him with a back elbow. Oney stomps Finn in the corner before choking him and hitting a float over suplex for two before locking in a rear chin lock. Finn gets to his feet before Oney rocks him and talks trash to Kross before Finn hits a jawbreaker into a Pele kick before Oney knocks Kross off of the apron. Finn comes back with running moves in opposite directions before hitting a jumping stomp and clotheslining Oney over the top rope and down onto the floor. Finn then hits a shotgun dropkick at ringside that sends Oney into Scarlett before Kross attacks Finn and tosses him back into the ring before Oney hits Finn with Unbridled Rage for the pin and the win.

Winner: The Kings of NXT retain their NXT Tag Team titles by defeating Finn Bälor and Karrion Kross via pinfall.

- After the match Kross attacks Finn and brutalizes him before choking him and Scarlett stops him before Kross knocks Finn out with a forearm to the back of the neck. Scarlett then drapes the NXT title over Finn and reiterates that you can't escape fate and that everything happens for a reason as we go off the air.

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