WWE Raw Results for 2/18/19: The Boss 'n' Hug Connection Returns to RAW as Women's Tag Team Champs!

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We begin this week's show with Triple H in center ring as he run through last night's major events. That included the actions of Becky Lynch, with Triple H conceded were "pretty cool" before he then moved onto DX's upcoming Hall of Fame induction. That's not all though and Triple H is delighted to announce that tonight: Ricochet, Aleister Black, Johnny Gargano and Tommaso Ciampa will all be in action live on RAW! But first, Baron Corbin will take on Braun Strowman in a Tables Match.

Tables Match

Braun Strowman vs. Baron Corbin

After eating a shot to his damaged ribs right away, Strowman fired back, sending Corbin to the floor and retrieving a table. Baron cut him off though, returning the table under the ring and charging Braun into the barricade. Strowman then returned the favor, briefly regaining control and bringing the table back in. Corbin again halted him, next removing Braun's top in order to expose his taped ribs. That gave Baron the target he needed, unleashing some solid right hands and using the apron to his advantage too. The tide soon turned regardless, with Strowman countering Corbin's suplex to land one of his own on the ramp-way.

Braun then focused on the RAW announce table, preparing it for destruction but finding himself pushed into it instead. Back in-ring and Corbin was quickly back on top, landing his trademark clothesline to leave Strowman floored. Now in control, Baron used a kendo stick on Braun's ribs, steadily working him over until he was caught in mid-air by a steel steps shot from Strowman. Braun continued the onslaught as well, battering Baron with the steps and then before long, powerslamming Corbin through the table!

Winner: Braun Strowman

Following that, we learned that Gargano and Ciampa will face The Revival tonight while Ruby Riott gets another shot at Ronda Rousey!

But first, Strowman is greeted by Paul Heyman upon his exit. After basically being told to leave, Strowman throttled the advocate but eventually left him and headed backstage. Back from the break and Heyman is now in-ring, swiftly running through Brock Lesnar's resume before sending us to a video package highlighting him too. Within that video, Heyman said that this WrestleMania is different because the hero has "no hope." He then delved into Lesnar's backstory before returning live and taking out an impromptu survey re: Rollins' chances. He was then interrupted though, with Finn Balor making his way to the ring.

With Heyman gone, Balor is now the one talking, saying that it feels good to be wearing a championship again. Finn then listed off some of his favorite Intercontinental Champions before stating that he'll be proud to continue their legacy. That brought out a disgruntled Lio Rush, claiming that Balor doesn't deserve to be Intercontinental Champion as in the meantime, Bobby Lashley jumped Finn from behind. Rush soon joined in too, with Bobby setting Balor up for Lio's Final Hour. RICOCHET then made the save though, immediately flurrying with some flashy offense and cleaning house in doing so. 

Finn Balor and Ricochet vs. Lio Rush and Bobby Lashley

Getting things started with Rush, Ricochet was immediately met by evasiveness but soon returned the favor, eventually flurrying with some of his signature offense. That brought in Lashley and he quickly powered Ricochet to the mat, with Bobby regaining control and lecturing Lio in the process. Ricochet then fired back either way, sending Lashley to the floor and as a result, encouraging him to bring Rush back in. Lio demanded Balor though and Ricochet did exactly that, tagging Finn in only for Lio to opt out anyway.

Bobby went right to work on Balor, powering him to the mat and then grabbing a headlock as well. Now in control, Rush soon re-entered which in turn, allowed Finn to swiftly turn the tide. He wouldn't let Lio escape either, going to work with stomps and chops respectively. The dropkick came next but a Lashley distraction halted Balor's Coup De Grace plans. Instead, Rush cut Finn off and Bobby took control, grabbing another hold while preventing a tag too. Eventually, Balor fought to his feet though, creating space by flooring Lio but still not being able to make the tag. 

That quickly changed regardless, with Finn landing a double foot stomp on Lashley and then at long last, bringing in Ricochet. He run wild on both of his foes, next landing a huge dive and then spectacularly avoiding Bobby while Finn floored him on the outside. Back in-ring, Ricochet closed the show, hitting his 630 splash for the win.

Winners: Ricochet and Finn Balor

Backstage, Natalya is talking to Triple H until Drew McIntyre interrupted. He asked for a match with Seth Rollins but Dean Ambrose arrived instead, slapping Drew across the face and as a result, booking himself in a match with McIntyre too. Following that, we got another recap of last week's events involving Becky Lynch.

The Lucha House Party vs. Zack Ryder and Curt Hawkins

Metalik and Hawkins got things started here, with Curt immediately taking control as he and Ryder went to work with some tandem offense. A superkick then halted his momentum though, with Dorado landing a hurricanrana on the floor as well. Lince then grabbed a hold in center ring before combining with Metalik to continue their onslaught. Nonetheless, Ryder landed a double neckbreaker in response, next bringing in Hawkins as he run wild with a salvo of strikes. He then almost caught a pin too but Metalik broke the fall.

Eventually, Metalik distracted Hawkins at the crucial moment, allowing Lince to close the show via hurricanrana.

Winners: The Lucha House Party

Post-match, Charly Caruso introduced Heavy Machinery, asking what fans can expect from them. Tucker Knight said that they are "blue collar solid" and as a result, are ready for everyone. Lacey Evans then arrived, walking up and down the ramp before much to her amusement, Otis and Tucker did exactly the same.

Backstage, Bobby Roode and Chad Gable briefly congratulated Tommaso Ciampa and Johnny Gargano before questioning how they earned tonight's match. Gargano says that they've been carrying the hottest brand and tonight, they are here to takeover. The Revival arrived next but Ciampa made it clear that they are not here to earn respect and instead, they simply intend to make an impression. 

The Revival vs. Tommaso Ciampa and Johnny Gargano

Wilder and Gargano got this one started, with Johnny grappling himself into control and bringing in Ciampa too. Quick tags kept the NXT duo on top as backstage, Roode and Gable watched on. In-ring, Wilder soon powered Gargano into the corner, bringing in Dawson as a chop exchange commenced. Johnny eventually cleaned house, next landing a dive on Scott before combining with Ciampa to floor Dash. Back from the break and The Revival's brief control segment has seemingly ended, with Gargano landing a sharp DDT before tagging in Ciampa.

A flurry of strikes and German suplexes followed, with Ciampa flooring Dawson for 2. Gargano wasn't available for a tag though and that allowed The Revival to regain control, using some tandem offense for another near-fall. A wild exchange of strikes came next but with Johnny's help, Ciampa avoided Shatter Machine and then took control, bringing in Gargano to land his trademark DDT. Dawson took out Ciampa in response while in-ring, Wilder cut Johnny off mid-slingshot spear, soon forcing Ciampa to break the fall.

He was quickly removed for his troubles but Gargano's slingshot spear landed regardless. Ciampa then returned, combining with Johnny to score their DIY finish for the win.

Winners: Tommaso Ciampa and Johnny Gargano

Backstage, Charly Caruso interviewed Finn Balor and Ricochet as the Intercontinental Champion said that tonight is about Ricochet. He then left his partner to answer questions alone, with the NXT North American Champion promising that this is only the beginning. 

Another video update from Kevin Owens came next as he almost dropped his camera while conceding that he really doesn't have an update right now. Even still, he's never been more focused as his time off has put things into perspective. He now knows why he fights in the first place. 

The Boss 'n' Hug Connection are here live now, making their way to the ring with titles in hand. Bayley thanked the crowd while admitting that last night was a very emotional one for them. Sasha says that this still feels like a dream but instead, it's now history and once again, they've done it together. She goes on to say that they were "born to do this" as together, they are about to take over the world. Banks says they are ready to defend the titles against anyone before their exit was interrupted by Nia Jax and Tamina. Jax mocked the champions and claimed that Sasha only cares out herself. They also pointed out Banks' prior issues with title defenses before hitting the ring and after briefly eating some strikes, quickly bailing. 

A video package in celebration of DX came next. 

Dean Ambrose vs. Drew McIntyre

After being jumped at the bell, Drew immediately fired back, flooring Ambrose with the Glasgow Kiss and going right to work. Ambrose responded though, sending McIntyre to the floor and landing a dive too. However, his follow-up was quickly evaded and Drew seized, landing Claymore twice for the win.

Winner: Drew McIntyre 

The 2nd half of Heyman's video package about Brock Lesnar followed. This portion covered Lesnar's lengthy link to the Universal Title. After that, Charly Caruso interviewed Seth Rollins as he conceded that Heyman's claims aren't lies but even still, his reign of terror is finished at WrestleMania. Whether its on his own two feet or a stretcher, Rollins promises to take Lesnar's title. Dean Ambrose arrived by Seth's side next, asking Rollins where he was out there. This confused Rollins and apparently, Ambrose too.

Time to Walk With Elias next as he refuses to sing due to frustration with his treatment. He calls himself a "musical genius" and says that fans are blessed with his presence. He then took a brief shot at the NXT talent which in turn, brought out Aleister Black. He has a microphone in hand and says that if Elias seeks silence and deep sleep, he can help.

Elias vs. Aleister Black

After being rattled early, Elias had taken control, roughing Black up in the corner and gaining the upper hand. He then grabbed a hold but Black soon fought free, flurrying with kicks and landing a springboard moonsault as well. Elias then halted that momentum out of nowhere though, landing a knee to floor his foe in mid-air. He couldn't follow up regardless, with Aleister landing Black Mass out of nowhere for the win.

Winner: Aleister Black

WWE RAW Women's Title

Ruby Riott vs. Ronda Rousey (C)

The champion immediately landed some heavy judo throws and unleashed punches in the corner too, forcing Riott to bail. After returning, Riott turned the tide though, countering Rousey and yanking her to the mat. Now in control, Ruby briefly went to work but after almost being caught in the armbar, she returned to the outside. During the break, The Riott Squad had put Ruby on top, allowing her to grab a hold before landing a spear for 2. Ronda then fired up with strikes though, going to work and flurrying with judo throws again. Riott then cut her off again, sending the champion head first into the turnbuckle and landing her inverted senton for 2.

The Riott Kick came next but Rousey managed to kick out nonetheless. Ronda then came back with a gutwrench slam but ate another Riott Kick in response, still kicking out at 2. Riott's follow up senton was avoided though, with Rousey catching the armbar until Liv and Logan pulled Ruby to safety. Rousey responded by flattening both with a crossbody and then took control back in-ring, countering Riott and swiftly applying the armbar for the win.

Winner and STILL Champion: Ronda Rousey

Post-match, Ronda Rousey wiped out both Liv and Logan too as she stood tall at RAW's close.

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