Ric Flair Says A Cruiserweight Will Never Main Event WrestleMania

Ric Flair was once a 300 pounder who aspired to be like Dusty Rhodes. Apparently, that's not lost on him.

Flair created some controversy on his latest podcast when he said that a cruiserweight will never main event a WrestleMania when speaking about Finn Balor's match with Roman Reigns from Monday's Raw.

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"I think Finn Bálor is great too. I just think you’ve got a legitimate heavyweight in Seth Rollins, a legitimate heavyweight in Roman Reigns, and I don’t think we’ll ever see the day, and I could be totally wrong, that a cruiserweight will ever main event a WrestleMania," said Flair.

Unfortunately for Flair, cruiserweights have already headlined WrestleMania, both under the company's former 225 limit, and the new 205 pound cruiserweight limit, with Rollins being closer to the latter. Flair said that he wasn't criticizing Balor's performance or the match in general, but really enjoys Roman Reigns.

Finn Bálor reminds me of ‘The Dynamite Kid’. Does that make sense? They’re very similar in appearance, same kind of work, and, I mean, he’s a great performer. God, I’m certainly not taking anything away from his performance or the match, but I’m a fan of Roman Reigns, so I’m saying something that I’m partial about," said Flair.

You can hear the full interview at this link.

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