Ricochet Tells The Backstory Of His Famous Throwback Photo With Triple H

Ricochet tells the story of that picture with Triple H.

One of the many pictures wrestlers before they officially signed with WWE that has circulated on the internet regularly is Ricochet taking a picture with Triple H long before Triple H ever knew who Ricochet was or how their paths would cross later in life.

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Now, Ricochet is telling the story about how that picture came to be on the latest episode of the Out of Character podcast with Ryan Satin.

Ricochet reveals that the origin of this photo all stems back to his friends during an interview with a local Paducah newspaper.

"It's kind of funny. So my friends at the time knew somebody who worked at the local Paducah paper. Raw or something was coming to Nashville, which is like, maybe two hours away from where we live. They did some article where they interviewed my friend and his friend about wrestling and what do they like? They were like, 'We love Triple H. Triple H is what made us love wrestling.' But and there's a guy named Terry Sims who is like one of Triple H's right-hand guys. He still is to this day, I believe. So Terry Sims lived in Paducah and saw this article. So he got my friend and the other guy who did the interview, like, two tickets apiece to go to the Raw in Nashville," said Ricochet.

He continued, revealing he was talked into sharing his matches with the for talent executive.

"So 2007 year Ricochet... Everyone's telling me to do it. So I'm like, okay, 'Yeah, maybe it's a good idea.' I'm bringing some DVDs. I brought like, some DVDs in a bag of like some of my matches. I started in 2003, so I've got like 4 years in, but none of them are good. I don't know why I'm doing this but, people are like, 'You should do it.' Okay, whatever. Of course, we get there, I see the guy and like, 'If he wants to watch —' and I give the guy the DVDs and he's like, 'Oh yeah, sure.' I'm sure they probably never once — they probably did open them and look at them and watch them and laugh at this stuff, it was so bad. But then, we get there and we go to the back and before the show starts. We go in the garage area where his bus and stuff is and we got to meet him just take some pictures and I got one with Steph too. Then we got to sit in the second row of the show, which is cool."

He concluded, "After his match, he like was like leaving but then he saw us and then like he came back and like came over and like gave us five and stuff and we're like, 'Yeah, we're cooler than everybody!' Yeah, that was like 2007. My friends did an article in the paper and it just was crazy that we got that picture."

Years later, Triple H would be instrumental in his career, bringing Ricochet to NXT where he would become a fan favorite and North American Champion.

Elsewhere in the interview, Ricochet spoke about not wanting to turn heel yet in WWE. Learn more here.

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