The Rock Couldn't Be More Excited To Have NBC's Titan Games Bringing Competitive Sports Back To TV

The Rock is ready to bring back competitive sports to television with NBC’s Titan Games.

The Rock has always set out to conquer new mountain tops and inspire positive change. due to the pandemic currently plaguing the world, there is a need for television content. Because of this, NBC has moved season 2 of Titan Games, a competitive athletic competition television series produced by The Rock’s Seven Bucks Productions company, to premiere this summer instead of its original January 2021 release.

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On The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon, Dwayne Johnson spoke openly about his excitement to bring back competitive sporting events to TV and the serendipity that surrounds this season's competitors when taking into account everything that is happening in the world today.

“This was supposed to come out in January 2021, so there's a lot of buzz behind it right now. A lot of people are excited. There's been no sports on television. We are going to be, right now, We are slated to be the only competitive sports programming on network television the entire summer. So everybody is fired up. NBC pulled through, like champs,” said Johnson. “That's the production and the execution part. But then for the fans at home, we went out and we got, you know, as frontline workers are being celebrated as well, they should now, and we were able to shoot this and get this in the can anyway, having no idea that this pandemic was coming. It is just kind of kismet in how the universe worked that way where so many of the ones who we chose after our Titan Games combine, we had a physical and psychological combine that they go through, like the NFL and once we chose them, they wound up being nurses and teachers and veterans and doctors, lawyers. I mean, these-- just these frontline workers. They are the best athletes on the planet. We have UFC champions, Olympic gold medalists, Super Bowl, all-pro Super Bowl champions up with these everyday people. Yes, and when you take that human being against these professional athletes, it's just crazy. I can't wait for you to see it.”

Season 2 of the Titan Games is going to feature AEW announcer Dasha Gonzalez, the former Dasha Fuentes in WWE.

Also on Fallon, The Rock spoke about his daughter, Simone, signing with WWE earlier this year. You can read his comments, which beam with pride, at this link.

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