The Rock Got His Old Brahma Bull Tattoo Enhanced And You Have To See The Results

Everyone knows the Rock's original Brahma Bull tattoo.

It's iconic.

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From back in the attitude era:

To more recent times:

It's even on the man's TRUNKS, dammit.

It represents who the Rock IS, to so many of his fans.

But to him, it represents who The Rock WAS, and as he's changed over the years, he believes that now is the time to change the Brahma Bull as well.

He's essentially painting over it, getting a new sleeve that will honor the original idea behind the bull, while enhancing it as well.

He posted this video of him being prepped for the new art, as well as explaining why he's getting it done.

Well, the #EvolutionOfTheBull is complete, and you can see the final result below.

(You're not ready for this. You might think you are, but you're not.)

That's ... certainly something.

Some might say it looks like he's got a Terminator Cow on his shoulder, but, as The Rock himself would say, it doesn't matter what you think of his tattoo.

What matters is that he likes it, it speaks to him and it's now a part of him.

And we should all respect that.

While maybe pouring one out for the nostalgia of the old Brahma Bull.

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