Sam Roberts Talks Internet Misconceptions Of WWE, Jim Ross' Advice

WWE talking head and host Sam Roberts appeared on the latest episode of X-Pac's 1,2,360 podcast recently, you can see the full podcast above and at this link, and highlights below: 

Sam Roberts Talks About AJ Styles Being In the WWE: To me AJ Styles is the best wrestler in the world right now...I thought it was cool when AJ first got to WWE in the sense that he’s one of those names that we didn’t think would ever be there. When AJ came over, I thought it was interesting...I got really excited, really quick once AJ was here, just because more so than just about anybody I’ve ever seen especially with the amount of experience he’s had outside of WWE, just latched on to being a WWE superstar so wholeheartedly...that’s not to say he changed his wrestling style… and the credit is his credit. He’s the one who did this, he became a WWE superstar to the point where after six months of being in WWE, nobody was talking about, ‘oh, it’s AJ from TNA’ nobody was talking about, ‘it’s AJ from New Japan.’ After six months of being there it was like AJ’s been in WWE all his life and that to me is an accomplishment that can’t go understated, such a huge feat.    

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Sam Roberts Talks About The Advice Jim Ross Gave Him: I did an interview with Jim Ross on my podcast last week and we ended up just talking about being in WWE but I think it applies to everything. He was just talking about figuring out that medium, there are some people who go out and they kinda stick to themselves they try not to get noticed, they try to just be quiet and stand in a corner and like ‘ I’m just going to do whatever they ask me to and try to do it well, but I’m just gonna be over here and not bothering anybody and that way nobody will get mad at me.’ And while nobody will get mad at you, everybody’s going to forget about you. That might be how a person doesn’t get fired right away but it’s certainly not going to be how a person grows at all. I think the best thing anybody can do is just put your head down, do the work, and then take your head up and be cool to the people that are around you. Don’t be shitty about it, just work and work and work and don’t worry about the immediate result. Just understand that it’s this bigger picture your building.

Sam Roberts on his first work and interview with WWE: When I did Countdown that was one of the first shows they had on the Network (WWE) … It was before the network had launched and they were like, “One of the things we want to do is this talking heads show. So why don’t you just come in and will tape you and ask you a bunch of questions.” And I sit down just to do that and I end up in the chair for I think it was almost five hours. And they figured out to that because I had been watching religiously for so long and it’s all been retained in my memory. That I knew about everything they were throwing at me. So they started just trying to find the obscure stuff that they wanted to cover that other people really weren’t able to have any kind of expertise on. And I would just go in on it. Whatever it was I was just able to go in on it because I love this stuff.

Sam Roberts on the Internets Misconception of WWE: The only secrets left to me in WWE are that it’s not nearly as sort of bad as the Internet would have you believe it is. You know what I mean? The Internets portrayal of what goes on behind the scenes versus what’s actually going on behind the scenes. It’s easier for me to be a fan being in the building than it would be if I was reading the Internet like it was gospel… It’s not High school. It's people going to work you know.

Sam Roberts thoughts high hopes for ROH, Cody Rhodes & Dalton Castle: I really have such high hopes for Ring of Honor, and I feel like for so long it’s been almost right there and this show, The Final Battle show, I thought was really good. I loved that they put the title on Dalton Castle for a lot of reasons. I think it makes Ring of Honor look even stronger to not only have Cody Rhodes as one of their top guys but to have the title on a guy they (ROH) made. It’s not just the Cody Rhodes show, it’s Dalton Castle. He’s a Ring of Honor guy and he’s our champion, and he’s believable and people were excited when he won.

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