Sami Zayn: The 'Honorary Uce' Shirt Segment Might Be One Of The Best Things I've Ever Done

Sami Zayn hopes the segment where he received the "Honorary Uce" shirt wil be remembered for years to come.

On the September 23 episode of WWE SmackDown, The Bloodline delivered a buzzworthy segment when Roman Reigns seemingly kicked Zayn out of the group before he shifted gears and gave him the "Honorary Uce" shirt. This moment garnered plenty of praise from fans and critics alike.

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Speaking with BT Sport, Zayn reflected on the segment. When asked whether he expected to get such a positive response, he stated that he knew it could be special if they did it right. Zayn noted that it can be hard to stand out in the wrestling world today, and performers have to be exceptional to do so.

"When we did that whole segment, I guess the nicer answer would be to say that, ‘No, I didn’t expect that at all.’ But actually I knew that if we did it right, this would be a very, very memorable segment. I think when it’s all said and done, I think people will remember that segment for many many years to come, which is the hardest thing to do, in my opinion at this stage in the industry. We have a lot of content, and we have a lot of great performers. So it used to be hard to just do something good. Now it’s even harder to do something memorable because there’s so much good stuff and not a lot of it sticks out, which is a good problem to have. When there’s so much good content that you have to be exceptional to be remembered for years to come," Zayn said.

Zayn then stated that he hopes the segment gets remembered for years to come, and he'd like to have more moments like that during his journey with The Bloodline. He then noted that the "Honorary Uce" segment might be the best thing he's done in the ring, at least when it comes to memorability.

"I think this segment was one of those things that people will remember, hopefully the way they remember what you were talking about, Batista and Orton and The Rock and Sock and all that kind of stuff. I hope it goes down like that. I hope before this is all said and done that we got a couple more segments like that, that people will remember for years to come. But you know what, it might have been the best in-ring kind of segment in terms of memorability that I might have done, actually. Just the ride that it took people on is what I’m so happy about," Zayn said.

The WWE SmackDown star then described how the segment took fans on a roller coaster and shared his belief that wrestling is at its best when it delivers these experiences. Overall, he emphasized that getting the shirt was a special moment for him

"Everybody has said that to me, that it took them on this emotional roller coaster and they didn’t know where it’s going. That’s wrestling at it’s best. When it takes you on a left turn and a right turn and you think it’s going one way and it goes another, that’s what I think we all love about wrestling. When wrestling’s at its best, that’s what it’s doing to you, and that was kind of encapsulated in this one promo, so that’s why I think it was so special and so memorable, and I got a great piece of merchandise out of it, too," he said.

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