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Here is your fight size update for Thursday, April 15, 2021.

- Samoa Joe, along with several of their names, was released by WWE today. One name who reacted to the release on social media was CM Punk and the two former Ring of Honor Rivals shared a brief interaction.

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- Matt Hardy also reached out saying that he hopes to see Samoa Joe “soon.”

- Renee Paquette was also floored by WWE making the decision to release several names

- Former WWE Intercontinental Champion Big E will be auctioning off his WrestleMania gear for “Feeding Tampa Bay.” For the former champion, leaving a lasting memory as not only a WWE Superstar but a good person is important for him.

“I think for me, it was really learning about just the toll that pandemic had taken on so many families. I think I watched this TBS Sunday morning piece on food insecurity and what Feeding America has been doing to tackle that. I learned more about what Feeding Tampa Bay has been doing locally and I just believe so much in the cause,” Big E explained to WFLA.

He continued, “I feel like so much of the community is ingrained in me and I feel like this community has really blessed me and it’s a huge part of me… so much of my journey is tied to this city and I felt a need to do something to give back to my city as well.”

- Speaking with Sportskeeda, Matt Sydal commented on teaming with his brother, Mike in AEW.

"Well, you know it's great because you know in wrestling, somebody can always try and kick your a** after the match, so it's like good to always have backup. And that's like the old Dragon Gate style that's where Mike and I train so we're used to being a part of a unit where everybody sticks together when you go to the ring, you're never alone even though it's just you in there, you know, it's, you know you have your allies around ringside, and I feel like I'm building good allies there I mean I really can't think of anybody better to have by your side than your bro and the Lucha Bros. I mean, it's really special what Tony Khan's doing there. The EVPs, I can tell, the trajectory is going in the right direction."

- John Clark of WrestleZone recently gave an in-person analysis of what it was like to attend WrestleMania amid a global pandemic.

- Speaking with People magazine, Renee Paquette proclaimed that she is obsessed with being pregnant and reiterated her WWE FOMO.

"I'm obsessed with being pregnant — I love it," she says with a laugh. "It's funny, I saw some friends the other day and I was like, 'Yeah, it sort of feels like it's that trick that Mother Nature does where it's like, "You love being pregnant." ' Now the next pregnancy is probably going to knock my ass down!"

She later stated, "When we say WWE is a tight-knit family, it's very real. We've seen each other on our best days, on our worst days, through triumphs, through tragedies. But it's also giving me major FOMO. It makes me miss my friends so much!"

- Speaking with WrestleZone, Tony Schiavone opened up about his decision to have his life story made into a graphic novel.

“I had talked to a few people about doing a book, and realized by talking to some friends, a book puts in a lot of work, takes a lot of effort, a lot of work—[Jim Ross] and The [Young] Bucks would certainly tell you that. Writing a book about never did seem to resonate with me because I’m not the type of guy, at least I’ve never been the type of guy, that likes to even sit down and tell my story.

I like to just remain one of those guys that puts over those other guys and talks about wrestling. And ‘The Tony Schiavone Story’… ‘eh, okay’ it bores me, so I thought it would bore everybody else, but when Mike Dockins said ‘comic book’ and I grew up loving comic books, loving superheroes then all of a sudden a light went off. I said, ‘Yeah, let’s talk about this and let’s do it,’ and when I found out that the only thing that I really had to put into it was just to sit down and tell my story on Zoom to a group of people, a couple I’ve never met before like Dirk and Drena Jo, I thought, ‘Yeah, let’s give it a shot!'”

- WWE stock closed today at $56.74 per share.

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