Samoa Joe On Doing Commentary: I Have A Long History Of Just Showing Up And Being Great At Things

Samoa Joe is great at many things, and he knows. While sidelined with a thumb injury, Joe joined the panel on WWE Backstage and the WWE Raw Commentary crew. Joe was praised by many for his work on both shows as he provided insight and perspective that may have been lacking from others.

Speaking to Corey Graves on WWE After The Bell, Joe discussed his commentary run.

"It was crazy high pressure. Obviously, me being there for five minutes and being completely awesome is an overwhelming experience. At times, it was distracting. It's really hard because you're doing commentary and Vince is in the headset like, 'My god, you're the next greatest have the voice of an angel and the insight of a God.' I'm like, 'stop Vince, I'm trying to do the broadcast.' That's tough. Also, patting Vic [Joseph] on the back, making sure he's not tearing up during the breaks. [Jerry Lawler] is great, he just does his thing and is in his own world. It's an interesting experience and I look forward to doing it again. I have a long history of just showing up and being great at things," Joe joked. "Just trying to keep that tradition going. At one point, when I was on commentary, I noticed this golden light -- I thought it was Marty in the truck messing with me -- I think it was devine recognition like, 'Wow Joe, you're great at another thing.' Stop it, powers that be, I can't help it. I am your vessel, just doing your good work out here. It left an impact on me and I think it left an impact on the world. I'm a humble commentator just out here speaking to the world the way they want to be spoken to."

Joe's run on commentary only lasted a few weeks as he was back in the ring on Monday, wrestling in a six-man tag team match against Seth Rollins and the Authors of Pain. He is scheduled to team with Big Show and Kevin Owens against Rollins and AOP once again on Monday, Jan. 13 in a Fist Fight.

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