Samoa Joe Talks About His Role In NXT, Main Roster Dream Matches

Samoa Joe is in a unique position with the WWE. He's on a developmental brand, while being among the most experienced members of the roster.

When speaking to, Samoa Joe said that he's well aware of his role with WWE's NXT brand. After a decade on national television, Joe debuted for NXT not needing coaching as it pertained to wrestling or working on camera, but providing that himself.

"My inclusion in NXT from the start was to spearhead it as a stable brand in the WWE Universe," Joe said. "Me being a designated locker room leader, I take the responsibility very, very seriously. I hope to continue extending the brand even beyond its current bounds. Some of these guys, it's their first opportunity to see the rest of the country. The enthusiasm when you have such a younger roster is tenfold. And to be around them when it's their first time is kind of invigorating, and the energy is infectious. It even manages to seep into me a little bit."

Joe has been on NXT TV for well over a year, and despite several rumors, hasn't been called up. There are no shortage of potential matchups for Joe on the main roster, and he has more than his fair share in mind.

"I have so much history with so much of the roster up there. A.J. Styles, John Cena, Kevin Owens, Sami Zayn, Brock Lesnar, a guy I don't have any history with but I'd love to get in the ring with," Joe said. "Randy Orton, another guy who we've kind of run parallel but have never crossed paths. I would definitely love to get in the ring with him and mix it up. The options and potential is limitless. To me and to a lot of fans these options are really incredible matches in the making. Rusev, there's another guy who I'd love to go after."

You can see the full interview at this link.

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