Samu Anoa'i Undergoes Successful Liver Transplant

Good news for Samu.

Lance Anoa'i, the son of Headshrinker Samu, took to social media to inform fans that Samu's liver transplant on Thursday was a success. 

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Samu revealed in October 2018 that he was battling stage four liver cancer.

In May, WXW and WWE partnered for a benefit show for Samu. You can view Samu's statement following the show by clicking here.

Lance set up a GoFundMe for his dad to help him financially to cover the cost of the transplant and medicine. 

Hello to you all and I hope each and everyone one of you are doing well.My name is Lance Anoa’i and I am the son of former WWE Superstar Headshrinker Samu. I know many of you have reached out and are well aware of my dad’s current physical health problems but in case you haven’t heard he is suffering from Stage IV liver cancer. He is in desperate need of a transplant and due to the fact as we are all well aware the pharmaceutical companies charge whatever they wish for medicine and that is not working in our favor. I love my father and I love my family and I had the pleasure of being able to watch him as a child while he traveled the roads, he’s performed for the millions of fans and did his best to entertain all of us every night in a different section of the world.He may be known as the fiercest Samoan out of the entire Samoan Dynasty but today I remind you that he is human and just a person like the rest of us. We are having a benefit event in conjunction with the World Wrestling Entertainment on May 29, his birthday, in hopes to raise enough money to cover the costs that go with a transplant. My father’s anti-rejection medicine alone will be $8,000 a month for just 2 of the pills he’ll need for the rest of his life, mom has insurance that will cover a portion, thank the good Lord but nowhere near all, not to mention the constant stress that comes with waiting to hear from the hospital whether or not today will be the day he gets the transplant is tearing our family up.My father continues to work hard and put on the best possible wrestling shows for the fans and his students without ever showing a sign weakness in his soul. I look at him with so much pride and so much love that I want my children and my sister’s children to be able to sit on his lap and listen to him tell them the same stories he told me as a I was growing up.My father is now limited and can’t wrestle and work the way he wants to and is used to so this leaves my mother as the sole supporter in their situation and it is going to be tough to continually get the medications he will need to live. I am asking for the public to help my family and to make a donation to get him through until we can see what the next phase of this cancer brings. We are all doing the best we can, and I wanted to reach out to you all and ask for any support that could be given.My dad is my hero and I only want to be able to help him in any way possible. I reach out to you all in hopes we can raise $25,000 to ensure we get a head start on my father medicine to survive in order to watch his grandchildren grow.Thank you to you all and from my family to yours, we love you all.

Respectfully,Lance Anoa'i

The goal for the GoFundMe is set at $25,000. Thus far friends and fans have donated $11,451. You can contribute to the GoFundMe or find more information by clicking here.

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