Sean Ross SappDown Live: John Cena's Return, Title Matches, Ellsworth, Much More

Sean Ross Sapp's thoughts on WWE Smackdown.

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John Cena returns

  • I'm really happy to see Cena back, even if it's short-term. The more depth, the better.
  • I hate the term "WWE Universe." Please, stop. Signed, Sean from like six years ago.
  • John Cena addresses Undertaker chants and says he's not going anywhere.
  • Cena then demands a title match at Royal Rumble and says this isn't a new era. 
  • I love entitled Cena as a character. 

Smackdown Tag Team Championships
Fatal Four Way: American Alpha defeated Wyatt Family (c) (w/ Bray Wyatt), Usos and Rhyno & Heath Slater

  • I never know how to feel about these matches. Every team but one has to get beat.
  • The finish to beat the Usos was good. It wasn't predictable.
  • Remember how I said that every team had to get beat? They did a good job of protecting that by having the Usos attack American Alpha, but I get a feeling we're in for a surprise.
  • Chad Gable suplexing Luke Harper was something to behold.
  • Gable played a great babyface in peril here.
  • Orton looked like he tried to dead weight Jordan. It didn't work if he did.
  • Orton ABSOLUTELY PLANTED Jason Jordan with a DDT. One of the best looking ones he's ever done.
  • I don't know why tag ropes exist in this match
  • American Alpha are new champions! When I tell you these are a couple of the nicest guys in the business, I mean it. Great to see. 
  • There's Wyatt friction after the match. I hope this leads to Wyatt & Orton vs. Harper and Rowan. I don't want Orton as a singles wrestler for a while.

Backstage stuffs

  • Promo from Ziggler. It was fine.
  • James Ellsworth cut a good promo to a mixed reaction. Carmella finds him 'uniquely attractive.'

Smackdown Women's Championship
Alexa Bliss (c) defeated Becky Lynch

  • These two started off hot, but tried to do a little too much and got sloppy
  • They smoothed things over, but Becky's dropkicks look terrible
  • Alexa Bliss can sell the hell out of a broken arm. 
  • La Luchadora comes out and helps Alexa Bliss win!
  • Glad to see Bliss use a DDT as a finish.

Backstage stuff again

  • Nikki was good in saying she's proud of herself, but didn't need scripted.
  • I was a fan of most of the Ambrose/Renee/Maryse/Miz stuff. Ambrose didn't need to be a security guard or use the cutesy line at the end.

WWE Championship
AJ Styles defeats Baron Corbin and Dolph Ziggler

  • When Corbin is in there with good workers, cool stuff happens.
  • Corbin was really the workhorse of this match.
  • There was an awesome spot where Ziggler and Styles teamed up to take Baron Corbin out, which made Corbin look really strong, and was just cool to see.
  • Styles saved a Baron Corbin botch, but not everything in a fight is supposed to look perfect.
  • Super cool End Of Days/Zig Zag spot.
  • Styles picks up the win in a really fun match to watch.
  • The handshake at the end was a little confusing to me, but I like that. We don't always need to know.

Overall thoughts

  • This was a fantastic show. Very little filler, and a big one to bridge the gap between TLC and Royal Rumble.
  • There were a lof of things to like about this show, and very little to not like.
  • Smackdown is consistently good for two hours with half of a roster.


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