Self-Proclaimed "Best Announcer In The World" Josh Matthews Eaten Alive By Shark Boy (On Twitter)

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So you might have missed it, but Josh Matthews, play by play guy for TNA Impact, said in a video that you can watch right up there ^^^^^, that he believes he is the BEST. 



Well, technically he said:

"Wrestling announcing, to me... I make no bones about it that I think I'm the best play-by-play announcer in the world. There's nobody that can touch what I do out there."


Where to begin?

First of all, that's just objectively untrue.

It's so untrue, it caused his own co-workers to call him out on his untruthiness on Twitter.

In an exchange that's been entirely deleted, TNA Creative Head Jeremy Borash Tweeted this to Matthews:

"No one will ever question your credibility after the "I believe I am the greatest play by play announcer in the world," quote. Good for you."

Matthews came back at him by saying "Go fly your drone," a reference to Vanguard 1, the drone belonging to Broken Matt Hardy, and featured heavily in the Borash produced Hardy Compound segments.

Borash then dropped this in Matthews' lap:

"The difference between you and that drone? One is a super over personality on a wrestling show... and the other is an announcer." 


Okay, so just in case you though Borash was the only person who had a problem with Matthews proclaiming his GOAT status, let me introduce you to Shark Boy.

If you don't know, Shark Boy wrestled for over a decade with TNA from 2002 to 2013, making sporadic appearances since then, and he's dubious about Josh Matthews being the best ever.

Now Matthews couldn't just let that go, because of course he couldn't. 

Shark Boy didn't let up just because Josh blocked him though.

Oh no he did not.


It doesn't look like Shark Boy is going to stop with this any time soon, so we'll keep you posted in case any of his new Tweets are extra fire. 

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