Steve Austin Says Seth Rollins Is "Not All-The-Way Over, Not By A Long Shot"

 On a recent episode of The Steve Austin Show, Stone Cold talked about how, while he thinks former WWE Champion Seth Rollins can be spectacular in the ring, he has a ways to go before the fans truly care about him.

"Rollins is somewhat over, not all-the-way over, not by a long shot. Now, I don't mean that in a bad way. That's just being honest," Austin said. "He's relied on his sequences and his athleticism to carry him. To take him to the next level, he'll have to get more character development."

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Having a real "identity" is paramount in the WWE, something that the audience can latch onto and connect with, said Austin.

"When you say 'Seth Rollins' or if you want to say 'Seth Freakin' Rollins', I still don't have a sense of what or who this guy is. And so, that rests on Seth Rollins' shoulders, as an individual, as a performer, to define or create that as well as the WWE because I still don't get a sense of what kind of personality he is."

As for who Rollins should take his cues from, Austin's got an idea, and you might say it's the Best Idea. The Best There Is, The Best There Was, and The Best There Ever Will Be.

"Bret (Hart) wasn't an over-the-top guy. He was a pretty humble and a very quiet individual outside the ring, so in many regards kind of somewhat like Seth although Bret's an entirely different animal, but there's a case of a guy who's not a showy kind of guy, but very conservative, but just a highly defined gimmick, a badass gimmick, and a world class worker, so Seth needs to work on this."

Seth has been in the midst of a Babyface Turn for the past eight months, and defeated Triple H in a grudge match at WrestleMania 33 to close out the feud, jumping now into a program with Triple H surrogate Samoa Joe.

You can listen to the entire Steve Austin podcast at this link.

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