Stone Cold Steve Austin Reviews Shinsuke Nakamura's "Ball Shot" On AJ Styles

Stone Cold says Nakamura may be getting a new opportunity.

At WrestleMania 34, AJ Styles retained his WWE Champion against Shinsuke Nakamura in what the WWE described as a "dream match." After he lost, Nakamura attacked Styles with a shot to the groin. On his podcast, Steve Austin said he enjoyed the execution of that "ball shot."

"The match was pretty good. But, the ending with AJ (Styles) retaining and Shinsuke (Nakamura) getting on his knee, handing him that belt. Dude, that ball shot at the end was phenomenal. It wasn't the hokey was straight up 'f you,'" said Austin.

Before the match, Styles and Nakamura had only been athletic rivals but now it seems Nakamura has changed his character somewhat and Austin said that speaks to what Vince McMahon thinks of Nakamura.

"When AJ (Styles) went over, I'm thinking 'I'm looking in the big picture and maybe Vince (McMahon) isn't believing in this guy. Then after the heel turn, I'm thinking "He does believe in this guy but now he believes in him as a heel' So it's either a fresh start in a heel capacity or just another opportunity," said Austin.

On Smackdown, Styles was in a match with Daniel Bryan when Nakamura interrupted by attacking Bryan which caused Styles to be disqualified.

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