TAELER: Blind Ambition: Fans React To The Possibility Of Edge Versus AJ Styles

Among a host of WWE related news spamming the trending sections on a typical Monday Night was none other than The Phenomenal One himself, AJ Styles! AJ Styles in my opinion was the epitome of comedy gold in his role on Monday Night Raw. Following an attack from the Street Profits, Styles became "blind" via a fire extinguisher sprayed in the face. Did that keep the star down? Heck no, its AJ Styles! And as many fans took to Twitter to remind us all, he's A1.
AJ Styles, much to the chagrin of his current tag partner Omos, would go on to do hilarious live commentary. Honestly, there's very few who could top that comedic gold in my opinion.

Unfortunately, it doesn't seem to be an opinion shared by Omos. It looks as though WWE could be laying the groundwork for a possible split of the former tag team champions. Now, again, in my opinion, AJ Styles has down very well and served his purpose as the workhorse in this tag team, compensating for Omos' lack of experience. And let's be honest, if you could choose someone to make you look good until you're able to make yourself look good in the ring, wouldn't you choose someone like AJ Styles?

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In any event Styles has not only proved himself invaluable as a singles competitor but also in tag team competition.Not to mention as well as a go to guy when WWE need something to get over. Be it promo, comedy, intense feuding, high-flying, mat wrestling you name it and Styles can do it. A true student of the craft. A talent who can do it all is rare and that's certainly AJ Styles - a once in a lifetime talent.

With that said I do think the time is ripe to start a rift between Styles and Omos. If WWE plays the story right, for the next month to possibly well into January we can use the weeks to put an end to the team. This would free up a potential feud of epic proportions. A feud both WWE Superstars want and that fans want, of whom have been flocking to Twitter excitedly all night during Raw resulting in AJ Styles trending. The fans have spoken and they want Edge versus AJ Styles! Potentially at Wrestlemania...?

While now might be a little too soon to set this up there's still plenty of time for Edge to have a smaller feud with say Finn Balor which could lead to AJ Styles on the road to Wrestlemania. Great business for all involved, both of whom are on Edge's list of WWE Superstars who he really wants to feud with. Either way you slice it, its great storytelling and even greater wrestling!

Share with us your thoughts on this! Are you in agreement with the WWE Universe and Wrestling Twitter? Would you like to see WWE put forth Edge versus AJ Styles leading up to Wrestlemania? Let us know, and if not, who would you like to see?

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