Taeler Hendrix's 2020 Female Free Agents To Look For In 2021! Part I

When looking at the Independents, what you’ll find is a plethora of talent. Hard working individuals who walk, talk, eat, breathe, train, sleep, & dream — Pro Wrestling. Not surprisingly, after the elevation of Womens Wrestling over the last decade, we’ve seen a major surge of females coming into Pro Wrestling. This is awesome to experience first hand!


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In times such as these, it’s good to remember your “why.” Why you started Wrestling, or why you fell in love with Wrestling! With that said, this article & the ones to follow are the result of my "why." I love Pro Wrestling & I equally love seeing others succeed in it. I aim to highlight some of the many talented females out there, (currently unsigned & in no certain order.)


There’s many talented female wrestlers out there that have earned their successes on the Independents & deserve more recognition. The numbers are too numerous for just one article. So, it’s the first of many & composed of my own opinions based on my own experience. Gimmicks, training, versatility, mic skills, talent, etc. Being emersed in the world of Pro Wrestling is wicked exciting. So here we go! 



1) “The Serpent of Evil” Vipress

Twitter: @_Vipress

Instagram: @_Vipress

Bookings: vipress3 @gmail.com


Hundete en el mar de deseo... #SerpentofEvil

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The Serpent of Evil herself, Vipress. Vipress has become a constant as well as a breath of fresh air to the reignited flame of the California Independent Wrestling Scene. For a few years now, Vipress, with villain-esq claws, has been carving out a spot for herself that continues to grow as she grows within the industry. Appealing to her evil loving ever growing fan-base, the more devilish she becomes the more they love her. She has since been seen across the country/beyond prior to 2020 shutdowns. Vipress has been featured in Shine Wrestling, The Crash Lucha Libre in Mexico, Evolve, Rogue Womens Wrestling & PCW Ultra in Southern California, NPWL Vs. Lucha Patron in NorCal, Ground Zero Pro, Impact Wrestling & so many more! Unique look - mic skills - in ring versatility, Vipress is a money maker for any division she joins & is an instant stand out. As often imitated as she is, no one has been able to duplicate the authenticity that is her within the gimmick. Vipress has already held & successfully defended several titles in such a short time. You’ll be seeing a lot more of The Serpent of Evil come 2021. 


2) “The Quintessential Diva” Gisele Shaw

Twitter: @GiseleShaw08

Instagram: @GiseleShaw08

Site: patreon.com/giseleshaw

The Quintessential Diva,” is not a frivolous monacre when it comes to Gisele Shaw. Made up from head to toe, The Quintessential Diva herself is clever & uses it for her gain. She knows people often judge her by her looks which is ultimately their mistake & her victory. By far, Gisele is one of the most versatile Pro Wrestlers today. Amazing in ring talent with high flying abilities, Lucha Libre experience, & technical wrestling skills, all of which most don’t expect & add on top of that a great look, gimmick, & mic skills. Being a graduate of Lance Storm’s Academy in Canada adds her to a growing list of successful females trained by Lance Storm himself. Gisele Shaw has that indescribable but know it when you see it, “IT factor.” She’s currently holding several U.K Championship Titles & has been seen in Impact Wrestling, had a WWE Tryout, NPWL Vs. Lucha Patron, WOW Superheroes, RevPro U.K, & so many more! Gisele is pure gold making her the true Superstar. She can do it all. And she will come 2021… 


3) Max "The Impaler" 

Twitter: @_hernameismax_

Instagram: @_hernaneismax_

Site: maxtheimpaler.bigcartel.com

Max “The Impaler,” is definitely a must watch talent. Max is one half of the Tag Team known as, The Wasteland Warriors. Her character is as unique as she is talented & as impressive as her physical prowess. Being a USS National Qualifying Powerlifting Strong Woman is just one of the many reasons not to mess with her & to become well acquainted with her in ring work! She’s a Former OVW Womens Champion at Ohio Valley Wrestling, seen on Impact Wrestling, Fest Wrestling, is currently the H2O Pro Women’s Champion & so much more! Even as a Wastelander, she is wasting no time in building an equally impressive following nation wide! Max “The Impaler” is a great addition to any division adding depth & booking potential. She’ll tell you she’s big — strong — & violent. Setting foot in the ring, she ensures her opponents face the absolute Max. Keep both eyes on her in 2021.


4) Madison Eagles

Twitter: @SeriouslyEagles

Instagram: @SeriouslyEagles

Website: wrestlermerch.com


“We stop looking for monsters under the bed when we realise they’re inside of us” - Joker -- @digital_beard

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Madison Eagles is respectfully a force to be reckoned with in her own right. Her own consistently excellent in ring work has led to some women like myself, having opportunities today that may not have otherwise been there. Underrated, Madison Eagles is 6' 1" of pure wrestling mastery! Prior to 2020 shutdowns, Eagles not only shared the ring with but also held her own against the likes of Asuka, Sara Del Rey, Mschif, Mercedes Martinez, Mia Yim, & many more! A Former 2X Shimmer Champion, to this day, Madison Eagles is the only female to be ranked #1 in PWI’s Top 50 Female Wrestlers without being signed to WWE or TNA. A major player in Australia’s Independents as discussed by Shazza McKenzie on my podcast, Eagles is also credited with being a trainer/coach as well at PWA Australia. She’s wrestled all over the world & gained valuable experience from Chikara, Shimmer, OVW, & more. If you are a female & get an opportunity to train with Madison Eagles — take it! Not all trainers are created equal, & Madison Eagles is indeed a “Master of Wrestling.”


Until the next article, have some fun during this shutdown! Follow & watch these incredible talents & others. As previously said, success isn’t a pie. More success creates more opportunities not less. These ladies exemplify the dedicated drive that it takes to thrive on the Independent Scenes. 

Let’s cheer on others & be ready for the end of shutdowns. The rush of talent that jumps back into the industry will revive our why & what we love about  Pro Wrestling. When that moment finally comes, talents & fans alike should come together knowing the full meaning of that moment in the eyes of both the Pro Wrestler & the Pro Wrestling Fans… — TH

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