TAELER: Lady Frost: Female Free Agent To Look Out For In 2022

In 2020 I began my female free agents list for Fightful.com highlighting women who were as of yet unsigned that I felt were stars on the rise and ready to be signed to TV. Essentially a list to look out for them because you will be seeing their names up in lights sooner rather than later. This list spans the globe and allows me to do several things I love. One, study Pro Wrestling. Two, write about Pro Wrestling. And three, highlight the amazingly talented women of whom I know are going to kill it in this crazy awesome industry. Simply put, I love Pro Wrestling, I love being a Pro Wrestler, and I love being a Published Author! But most of all, I love utilizing all of those loves give more attention to the future of Women's Wrestling. And with that I come to the subject of this piece. I said this last year as we closed out 2021 and entered 2022 and I'm here to say it again - Lady Frost is a woman to look for heading into 2022!

Lady Frost as a Pro Wrestler and female competitor is probably up at the top of my list of female free agents to look out for in the coming year. She has all the skills one would want a talent to have. If you are a booker, executive, a fellow Pro Wrestler, or even a fan, Lady Frost is a talent you want! Her aesthetic is nothing short of amazing. Her attitude is killer. Her innate talent for Pro Wrestling shines through with everything that she does. From her look to her walk and her in ring performances, she is nearly 100% polished for TV. Any company would be smart to snag Lady Frost before anyone else gets a hold of her or her gimmick. From bottom to top Lady Frost jumps off the TV screen making you want to watch.

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As an opponent Lady Frost's footwork is so fluid it's almost effortless. She exhibits very little wasted motion. Her transitions from one thing to the next are excellent. Her in ring style is incredibly versatile and quite honestly exciting to watch. I love to see versatility and agility coming from Pro Wrestlers. It makes them so much more valuable and well-rounded ,which in my opinion, not only makes them more fun to watch and wrestle, but also it adds to their own longevity and hopefully prosperous careers in the business. And of course there's always that pesky charisma. She definitely serves up some icy looks and she's never been one to mince her words. She talks the talk and backs it up. As I always say charisma is something that cannot be taught. You either have it or you don't. And as far as Lady Frost is concerned, in my honest opinion, she's the package you want to invest in as a talent worthy of being the future of your company.

She stands out in the best of ways. She's gaining immeasurable experience with every coming year and is finally starting to get the recognition she's rightfully earned through hard work, dedication to her craft, and due diligence to the rest that comes along with that. From IMPACT Wrestling and NWA Empowerrr, and the independents, Lady Frost is definitely one to look out for in 2022! As she continues to makes the rounds she will showcase her value as she represents the incredibly promising future of Women's Wrestling in the Pro Wrestling Industry. She is an immensely talented star whose success is all but imminently guaranteed if not incipient. I am happy to see what comes next for a rising star the likes of Lady Frost as she continues to prove exactly why she is a force to be reckoned with. She's poised and focused and ready to rise. For all of these reasons and more Lady Frost has earned her place at the top of my list of female free agents to look out for in 2022 for Fightful.com Readers. Mark my words and your calendars. Stay tuned!

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