TAELER: The Quintessential Diva Set To Make An IMPACT

As a woman in wrestling I have to say to that I am beyond elated to see the vignettes rolling out on IMPACT Wrestling for Gisele Shaw! The self-proclaimed Quintessential Diva was featured in the first ever piece I wrote for Fighftul.com highlighting free agents to look for in 2020-2021. We both had a WWE tryout in 2015 and I had the chance to briefly work with her in 2017-2018 with Lucha Patron and I must say she is a huge credit to her trainer, Lance Storm. Gisele Shaw has all the skills and "it" factor that you'd want to see in an up and coming star. I said it several years ago, and I am saying it again. And once again I stand by it!

In the years that have followed she's grown and grown and then grown some more as someone you can see representing the future of Women's Wrestling. In my opinion she is a stellar get by IMPACT Wrestling. She has serious longevity as a star not to mention versatility. Gisele Shaw will fit right in and stand out in the best of ways as a Knockout on the roster for IMPACT Wrestling! The company already boasts three women trained by Lance Storm who all have a familiarity with each other which speaks to the incredible matches that are waiting just on the horizon for IMPACT fans. Things are definitely heating up and IMPACT is indeed hard to kill…

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Speaking literally and figuratively, with all the new heights the current Knockouts are reaching this is the perfect time for Gisele Shaw to make her official IMPACT Wrestling debut as a full-fledged Knockout on the IMPACT roster. First Lady Frost oh whom we featured as a free agent to look for in 2022 and now Gisele Shaw a free agent to look for in 2020-2021. A keen eye for talent, I applaud IMPACT Wrestling who's definitely turning it up by staking its claim in the depths of Women's Wrestling. Signing on and featuring both of these amazingly talented women is a decision I'd of made in their shoes without thinking twice.

Gisele Shaw is no stranger to IMPACT Wrestling. However, the woman who previously competed on their program no longer exists. In her place is a more experienced competitor. A new and improved version of the athlete. A more well-honed TV ready star who has competed all across Europe gaining valuable experience both in and out of the ring. A more confident individual. A more in tune and self-assured threat to the rest of the Knockouts. Whether on her feet or flying through the air, Gisele Shaw can do it all and look good while doing it. She embodies the essence of what went into the founding of the Knockouts division by women like Gail Kim, Nikki Roxx, Taylor Wilde, and others. She is The Quintessential Diva and she is your newest IMPACT Wrestling Knockout - Gisele Shaw!

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