Thunder Rosa Details Her Back Injury, Says She Doesn't Run From Her Problems

On Wednesday's AEW Dynamite, Thunder Rosa announced that she is currently injured and wouldn't be able to defend her AEW Women's Championship against Toni Storm at AEW All Out.

Following the news, Fightful Select and other outlets reported that Rosa had heat in AEW, citing her working stiff and breaking Jamie Hayter's nose at AEW Battle of the Belts III.

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Fightful's report said, "We've had talent contact us on both sides of things regarding Rosa, with many saying that she's worked hard to help get other young women's talent booked, and others that perceive her as developing an ego and being difficult to work with. Those that we've talked to who work with her at Mission Pro Wrestling have had positive things to say about her leadership when she's around."

Appearing on Busted Open Radio, Rosa gave her side of things and her injury.

"I'm not the best, physically right now. I was in a lot of pain yesterday. A lot has been happening in the last couple of weeks. Unfortunately, I'm going to be out of commission. I don't know for how long. For a couple months, probably. I have a problem with my back and yesterday, I was trying to be strong. Back problems are not easy. Some days are good, some days are not. Yesterday was not a good day, I was in a lot of pain," she said. "That's one of the reasons why I'm taking time off. I want to clear the air, this is not fake. This is not a work. I'm not comparing injuries to injuries. If I could fucking walk, I can fucking work. Doctor Sampson, he didn't clear me to wrestle. I'm not cleared to wrestle. It's not that I don't want to do a match on Sunday [AEW All Out], I can't walk. It's a shame that this is being put on social media, not only to discredit me as an athlete, but also discredit me as a wrestler. I want to walk when I'm 40. I have the right to say 'No, I can't walk, I can't do it.' I don't want to have surgery. If we keep doing this and going through the pain, then I'm going to be out for longer. I don't want to do that."

Rosa noted that she wanted to celebrate her kid's birthday and didn't want to take pain pills or other substances to help with the pain.

Touching on the reports of "heat," Rosa said, "Not everything that is being said is true. If anybody has a problem with me, anyone, call Busted Open, call my number, tell me to my face. I don't hide from my problems. I don't run from my problems. You can talk to me, my door is open. That goes for anybody. I have taken accountability when things have happened. I'm a straightforward person. Some people don't like that and are afraid of that. I'm not. I'm a trained fighter, I don't run away from shit. Stop reading stupid shit online."

She continued by said, "My conscious is clear, I know what I'm all about. If there are any problems of any kind, they can contact me. They can contact AEW and clear the air with them. There is a protocol that needs to be followed. People need to respect the company, in general. I respect and represent AEW. I'm still the AEW Women's Champion. When I come back, whoever is the champion, if you thought you're going to get rid of me [laughs], you're not. I'm going to get better and stronger."

Rosa said fans will see a transformation, "physically, spiritually, and mentally."

Later in the interview, Rosa said, "I have said sorry with people before and apologized and made amends because that's what you do. I've taken accountability for things I've done wrong, but this is beyond me doing something. I got injured and I did not blame anybody because it's wrestling and accidents happen. I don't have to blame anybody. It might have happened way before and I just noticed that I'm hurt. I want to thank AEW family and the medicals. I texted them at 3 in the morning with questions and they answered. Now I have answers and I know what's wrong with me. For people to discredit my abilities, my career, and me as a person, I'm not cool with that. If I didn't know what was wrong, I probably would have had the match. It's physical things I need to take care. Respect AEW. Whoever is doing this, you have to respect AEW."

Rosa said she found out about the injury on Tuesday.

"The news got to me on Tuesday from another doctor. When I got there on Wednesday, I told Josh, my [Physical Therapist], 'it just hit me that, as a champion, I'm not going to be on one of the biggest pay-per-views of the year. As a champion, that I can't defend my championship, that I can't physically have the match I want to have. That I've been working my whole life to have moments like this.' It hurts," she said as she began crying.

Rosa thanked AEW and the fans multiple times for their support and wondered if any of her peers were scrutinized when they announced an injury.

"I have respect for all the ladies in AEW. I never disrespected any of them. I'm very proud of everything everyone is doing and how everyone is managing themselves. I said what I said. If anyone has a problem, you probably have my number," she said.

It is unknown how long Rosa will be out of action.

An Interim AEW Women's Champion will be crowned at AEW All Out when Toni Storm, Britt Baker, Jamie Hayter, an Hikaru Shida meet in a four-way bout.

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