TNA Could Have Property Seized Due To Unpaid Taxes

TNA's financial issues are really, really bad.

TNA is in the middle of multiple lawsuits, sale rumors, and struggles to stay afloat. David Bixenspan and SEScoops have uncovered information that Tennessee has issued a tax lien against TNA Entertainment. The lien was handed down on September 8.

The outlet have posted documents (which includes an error on the amount, due to it not being on file), and explain that TNA as a company owe taxes to the state. The level owed is so egregious that Tennessee can actually seize property from TNA if it's not paid. Bixenspan noted that even though the company is operating under Impact Ventures LLC, the state law covers successor companies. This includes anyone who buys the company.

It's at the state's discretion whether or not they seize property or assets. This is the latest issue TNA faces, after both Billy Corgan and Audience of One were revealed to have filed lawsuits against TNA. There's a power struggle within the company, and it's looking like it's only going to get messier.

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