Travis Banks Posts Statement Regarding Accusations By Millie McKenzie, PROGRESS Cuts Ties

NXT UK star Travis Banks has commented on the accusations made by Indie wrestler Millie McKenzie.

As part of the Speaking Out movement, McKenzie claimed she had a secret relationship with Banks when she was 17 and that he would cheat on her and "be horrible." She says the relationship had an effect on her mental health and self-confidence. She also claimed, "There was one occasion where he found out which hotel I was in, then found my room and stood outside my hotel door knocking for hours while I continuously messaged him to leave." 

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As a response to the accusations, Banks posted the following statement.

I'd like to issue a statement regarding Millie McKenzie's comments:

Millie was a trainee of mine at Fight Club: Pro. She was also a close personal friend. We would be at shows together, attend the same social events, travel together and hang out at the wrestlers house where I was living. It was through this friendship a consensual relationship was formed.

The relationship broke down between both parties and it ended. After it ended we agreed to talk it out. We apologized to each other for any individual actions behind the relationship breakdown. After seeing these comments, I can only repeat my apology. I am truly sorry for any pain caused by the relationship. 

As a response to Banks' statement, McKenzie responded by saying, "How dare you Travis. I never had anything to apologise for. You manipulated your position of power over me. At 17 years of age, I had no idea what a relationship actually entailed. The mental and emotional hurt you put me through is INEXCUSABLE. and I am not the only one of your trainees that you’ve done this to. You are a liar, a manipulative person with no conscious and you always believe your in the right. You are NOT RIGHT. I am not scared of you anymore, you hold no power over all the people that messaged saying they wish they could have done more at the time. PLEASE help me now to create a safe working environment for me again and others. Don’t protect him this time just because he’s your friend."

McKenzie then shared text messages that showed interactions between the two with Banks being persistent and McKenzie telling him to stay away.

Banks has not issued further comments.

In a response to McKenzie posting the text messages, PROGRESS says Banks is finished with the company.

Fightful will continue to update fans on the story as more is known.

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