Triple H comments on NXT and the WWE Draft.

On Oct. 11 and 14, WWE will hold a brand draft consisting of superstars from Raw and SmackDown. With NXT moving to USA this Wednesday, Sept. 18, many consider the gold brand to be part of the main roster. Despite NXT reaching the next level in its climb up the ladder, NXT Founder Triple H doesn't believe NXT will be part of the upcoming draft.

"Everybody is gonna have to wait and see. I don't foresee [NXT being part of the draft]. Right now, the main focus of the draft itself is Raw and SmackDown," Triple H said on the NXT media call. "As October 4 comes along and moves forward, with Fox broadcast taking SmackDown and us staying with USA and NBCU, those become two competitive landscapes. I'm of the opinion that the NXT brand would continue to grow. Down the line, you will see -- NXT has grown to where it shouldn't be referred to as a developmental brand, even though we tend to debut newer stars, especially over the years. I think people lose perspective of the amount of stars that are homegrown that have never stepped into the ring before, that stepped into the Performance Center, made their mark in NXT, and moved up the line and are now on Raw and SmackDown. I think [NXT] needs more time to be considered in the same breath (as Raw and SmackDown), hopefully over the next few months we're going to get there. The draft is much more about creating the brand split, having two distinct rosters between Raw and SmackDown. That's what this draft is about."

You can find more details on the upcoming WWE draft by clicking here. And you can listen to the full media call with Triple H in the video above.

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