Tye Dillinger & Miz Are Going At It Again On Twitter

Months ago, when Tye Dillinger and The Miz was still on SmackDown, they got into a little tiff on Twitter.

I chronicled it then, and you can read about it at this link.

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It was pretty great.

This new one ain't half bad either.

It started when Dillinger picked a fight with The Miz over his some would say "cowardly" win over Dean Ambrose.

Dillinger would never call the Miz cowardly. Instead, he just calls him "crafty." 

You see, the first Twitter exchange was about how Tye wanted an IC Title shot, and apparently, he still does.

Gotta love that continuity.

Well, Miz doesn't see Tye as being worthy of that title shot.

Well now, Miz, that's hardly fair. Tye is still super over with the crowd and it's not his fault that the brass keep booking him in the dark match.

Whoa, whoa, whoa. WHOA. TYE. NOT COOL.

That's his WIFE, dude.

Okay, Miz, we've been over this. The booking is not something you can pin on Tye. Maybe if he wasn't getting over, but he is.

And another thi--

No, no, no, Tye, you never compare yourself to a magician. You don't want Vince to get any bright ideas and reboot Phantasio


But seriously, if there was ever a time when we might see a cross-branded title match, where a guy on SmackDown wrestles for a RAW championship, it would be at SummerSlam.

Just sayin'.


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