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- On the latest A&E Biography, covering the life and career of Booker T, Wale opened up about how he felt watching Harlem heat growing up in WCW.

Chris Hero (Kassius Ohno) Recounts The Moments Leading Up To His First WWE Release In 2013

“As a kid, you just like all the bright colors and the energy. I just feel like they represented us. They felt like they were from around my way. How they talked, how they dressed, how they carried themselves. Even their music was tight. Like, they had the best music on WCW, probably ever.”

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- Speaking with WrestlingInc, Mr. T reflected on WrestleMania 1 and whether or not he had real heat with Roddy Piper.

“[Roddy Piper] was the ultimate professional. Later on, people threw out we had a beef or whatnot, but no, we were trying to promote something else so I had to come out and say, ‘Yeah, I don’t like Piper. I’m gonna get him,’ and this and that. Something was gonna happen but it didn’t happen. We were setting the stage because we were trying to sell tickets. I learned from Muhammad Ali. You got to promote it. You gotta sell it, and that’s the whole thing. You don’t want to give people too much. You want to give them enough.

“You want to make them excited, make them believe, ‘Hey, I want to see that.’ He was a professional. He was good. He was a scholar. He wrote stuff down and prepared. You’ll notice that when he got into the camera to say stuff, he had it together. Some wrestlers, they can’t really sell it that good. Well, he could sell it. That’s what Ali was. He was a promoter. He could sell it. He was an entertainer, and that’s what Piper was. He was an entertainer, and he was tough. He knew the business. He knew his toughness.”

- Braun Strowman and Cesaro have Been announced as guests on Sunday's WrestleMania Backlash preview episode of The Bump.

- Check out the top 10 moments from NXT here.

- WWE catchphrases right now: WWE Top 10, May 12, 2021

- Robert Strauss, Robert Stone in NXT has announced that he will be opening a new F45 gym location following the success of the first location he opened.

- Indi Hartwell is already looking to get signed to Hit Row Records.

- Speaking with Sportskeeda, Erik Watts described the Curtain Call incident from 1996 in Madison Square Garden from his perspective.

"Our first two matches were Madison Square Garden and Boston Garden," said Watts. "So I'm freaking out, we're there, we're having a good time. Chad was brand new,, that was his first match in front of a live crowd and not at a TV taping so he's going crazy. I didn't know what the heck was going on."

"I was trained to watch every match," Watts continued. "Vince [McMahon] was right next to us and let me tell you, he was just as surprised as I was. I remember thinking, 'Vince is not going to really think this is good' and I look at him and I go, 'I don't need to think about it, I can tell on his face, he doesn't think it's good.'"

- Speaking on Foundation Radio, Eric Bischoff opened up on how to get back to storyline-driven presentations in professional wrestling.

“You can’t produce a professional wrestling show like you produce a sitcom, or a drama series on television. You can’t produce a professional wrestling show like you produce a movie. But there are elements from both of those and other forms of storytelling…that can be applied and modified to fit wrestling so that you can have a more systematic and precise approach to telling your story or creating one.”

- Shotzi Blackheart opened up about the importance of Asian American and Pacific Islander Heritage Month on the most recent episode of WWE’s The Bump.

- Today, WWE stock closed at $52.81 per share

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