Will Ospreay: CM Punk, Bryan Danielson, Kenny Omega; They Are Calling Me Out, I'll Embarrass Them

Will Ospreay has no shortage of opponents lined up.

Ospreay is currently working NJPW STRONG and Revolution Pro Wrestling as he boycotts NJPW after he was forced to relinquish the IWGP World Heavyweight Title due to a neck injury. Ospreay is claiming to be the "real" IWGP World Heavyweight Champion and he still has his eye on Kazuchika Okada, who he was supposed to face before his injury.

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"New Japan, the only person I care about right now is Okada," Ospreay told Samira of SE Scoops in an exclusive interview. "The guy has been ducking me for awhile now and with my stance right now with new Japan, I'm refusing to go over to Japan just because of how they stripped me of my World Heavyweight Championship when they have no right to strip me. I'll happily go into the rules of the IWGP, but the fact is, no one has pinned me, I'm undefeated, so I am the real IWGP World Heavyweight Champion and my title match was meant to be against Okada until New Japan canceled it. In terms of Japan, Okada."

While Okada is Ospreay's target in NJPW, he has plenty of others names on his list, all of whom currently work in AEW and have called him out recently.

"The rest of the world, I would still love that match with CM Punk. He's the one that called me out. He's the one who said, 'I want to wrestle Will Ospreay.' That Bryan Danielson dude, he was like, 'I want to wrestle Will Ospreay.' I get it, there's a goddamn line. Kenny Omega wants to wrestle Will Ospreay. Take a ticket and I'll get to you when I get to you guys," said Ospreay. "I'm not calling them out, they called me out. I hate this thing of, 'Will calls out AEW wrestler.' No, they called me out. Who else? Sammy Guevara, he's another one that called me out. There's a list that goes on and on and on. They all called me out because the reason why is that they know when Big Match Billy is in town, their stock goes up. Everyone that wrestles me, every single person that wrestles me ups their game because they know that they are in the ring with one of the best wrestlers in the world right now. I completely understand it. If you want it that bad, you know what to do. Call my number, I'll show up. Nine times out of ten, these guys don't want me to show up because A, I'll embarrass them. Guys like Bryan Danielson made a living of being one of the best wrestlers in the world, but if I showed up, he would not last in the ring right me. Kenny Omega was the guy in New Japan Pro Wrestling, but when he left, I took over and I made my own stance and no one could compete with me back in 2019. If I got into a room with him, I'd embarrass him. CM Punk called me out when he wasn't a wrestler. In that case, he was keeping an eye on me the entire time and looking at me and thinking I'm a challenge. Damn right I'm a challenge. I'm the challenge. If those guys want it, I'm ready. You guys hit me up, I didn't hit none of them up."

Punk named Ospreay as a potential opponent before he officially returned to wrestling.

Elaborating on Punk and his claimed to be the "Best in the World," Ospreay said, "He says he's the best wrestler in the world and he was saying that, when was it, 2011? Was he the best in the world or was he the best of a bad bunch? Straight up, maybe he was the best at that time. Are you the best now? No. You're nowhere near Will Ospreay's level. Step up, brother. I'm ready for you."

Bryan named Ospreay as an opponent before he signed with AEW.

Omega and Ospreay got into a Twitter exchange following the annual PWI 500 being released. Omega finished #1 while Ospreay came in at #7.

Chris Jericho recently stated that he reached out to Ospreay before AEW began and he believes Ospreay will join AEW at some point. You can find his full comments by clicking here.

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