William Regal Decked By Adam Cole After NXT, Mick Foley 'Stung' By Britt Baker | Fight-Size Update

Here is your fight-size update for Thursday, March 25, 2021:

- Last night's NXT episode was centered around Adam Cole & Kyle O'Reilly agreeing to meet in an unsanctioned match. WWE has since released footage from after the show went off the air where William Regal in an attempt to defuse a situation, gets punched in the face by Adam Cole. William Regal hasn't wrestled in nearly a decade.

Two Bouts Added To 9/4 NJPW Wrestle Grand Slam

- Mick Foley, one name who is synonymous with hardcore wrestling, admits that Britt Baker putting him on the spot saying that he took 20 years to become a hardcore legend while it only took her one night.

- Speaking to Denise Salcedo, Karrion Kross praised WWE for putting out a pro-vaccine PSA.

“I think it’s important to educate people about as many options as possible, about improving your health. This is where we’re at, we all need to be able to have these options and I think we all wanna get back to normal. It’s very important…. I am very happy that we are progressing, when you think about where we were a year ago nationally/globally, we’ve made major steps forward. Where we are at today is so much better than we were last year, I am very happy about it. “

- Speaking on Sportskeeda’s Inside SKoop with Dr. Chris Featherstone, Nick Patrick opened up about Vince McMahon making a declaration that referees can count a three count if a wrestler is taking too long to kick out even if it's not the finish.

"He [Vince McMahon] pulled Teddy aside because I think Teddy was one of the people that he saw something and it made him mad. So he goes, "Teddy Long, if they do that, count them out." A week later, he [Teddy Long] is out there working with Christian, and Christian went to cut it close and they counted him out. There was big heat now, and so now I show up and I’ve got his [Christian's] match and me and Teddy are hanging out, old buddies, laughing and joking, and Christian is like, "Oh man, I hope he doesn’t do the same thing to me."

Patrick would then tell a story about how this affected him when refereeing a match between John Bradshaw Layfield and The Undertaker to him.

“JBL actually took a tombstone, and I guess we were going for the deal like [Steve] Austin and those guys did where you hit the guy with the finish two or three times and then they kick out. But he [JBL] didn’t [kick out] with that tombstone and it was so close that he kicked out, and I didn’t really think he was going to kick out, so I wasn’t really trying to pull it, but if I had to I wouldn’t have been able to because it was that close and I counted it. When I counted it, JBL and Undertaker both looked at me like, ‘What was that?’ ‘That close! Two!’ I dug down into the well and pulled it back out again.”

- Check out a playlist of Kane going against several big men including fellow 2021 WWE Hall of Famer, The Great Khali.

- Speaking with TSN in Canada, Maxwell Jacob Friedman explains why he doesn't like the phrase “dream opponent.”

“I never really like that phrase, ‘dream opponent,’” MJF said. “It never really made much sense to me because, realistically, the reason I’m here is to win the world championship. So I’ll tell you what – my dream opponent is whoever is wearing that title when I am the No. 1 contender. I don’t care if it’s Kenny Omega, I don’t care if it’s Jon Moxley, I don’t care if it's Cody Rh- oh, it can’t be Cody Rhodes. I took that away from him (when he defeated Rhodes at Revolution in 2020 in a match with a stipulation that Rhodes could never challenge for the world title if he lost). I don’t care who it is. At the end of the day, my only goal in professional wrestling is to prove to the world that I am the best professional wrestler in the world and the only way to do that is by being the AEW world champion. And I can promise you right now – mark my words – I will be the AEW world champion, and I will have a reign that makes the likes of Bruno Sammartino blush and I cannot wait.”

- Check out the top 10 moments from this week's NXT.

- Speaking on the This is Wrestling podcast, Josh Alexander spoke about his placement on a top 20 list of names to watch outside of WWE.

The following quote was sent to Fightful:

“I had had one television try-out with WWE maybe a year before I broke my neck and it went well surprisingly but it never materialized into a full-on try-out. I remember getting a message from Brodie Lee who was Luke Harper in WWE. He was down in NXT at that time. He was like, 'Hey, have you ever sent your stuff in?' I was like, I think so? Like, I've been to television and he was just like, 'Well, you're on a list. I just saw from one of the guys that works in the office trying to get people to look, and it's like a stacked list of, like, 20 guys. But you're on it.” I was like, ok? He's like, 'Well, just be ready' and that's all I heard about it. It wasn't until years later that Rob Naylor posted on Twitter and I saw it and it brought that memory right back. Because so often you're told these things in wrestling and you're just like, 'Okay, I'll believe it when I see it', but then, like that one actually materializes being completely true, which is wild for the time.”

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- Major League Wrestling has announced the theme song for its Never Say Never event:

Ride On Our Enemies by Monteasy named official theme song of Never Say Never
Free marquee event Never Say Never on March 31

NEW YORK — Major League Wrestling ("MLW") today announced “Ride On Our Enemies” by Monteasy as the official song of Never Say Never on Wednesday, March 31 at 7pm ET, available on YouTube, Fubo Sports, DAZN, beIN SPORTS and the Roku Channel. Learn more about where to watch.

“Ride On Our Enemies,” the official song of MLW Never Say Never will be available on all streaming platforms and online stores this Saturday.

“Never Say Never wouldn’t be a marquee MLW event if we didn’t have something major for our official theme song and Monteasy’s track is 1000% just that,” said MLW CEO & Founder Court Bauer.

A prolific artist, Monteasy is currently working on the highly anticipated Erica's Son 2 project and a new album, entitled "W.A.R." With Jon Connor releasing in August. Monteasy's latest project is a collaboration album with All Varsity Music hip-hop recording artist Jon Connor is a pro wrestling-inspired album that pays homage to some of the biggest stars in the industry.

Monteasy united with former MLW World Heavyweight Champion Shane "Swerve" Strickland to form the hip-hop supergroup, Swerve City. Their latest album, "G.P.S.," along with their debut project, "From Humble Beginnings," are also available on all streaming platforms.

Follow On Twitter & Instagram @TeasyScott and on youtube at: youtube.com/c/MooreToLifeEntTV/

Tune in March 31 at 7pm ET for MLW's free marquee event Never Say Never to find out!

Scheduled for Never Say Never:
•Jacob Fatu vs. Calvin Tankman - World Heavyweight Championship
•Myron Reed vs. Daivari
•Grudge Match: Jordan Oliver vs. Simon Gotch

Also scheduled: Alicia Atout, Alex Hammerstone, Richard Holliday, and more.

Fans can also watch nationwide on cable and dish via beIN SPORTS on Saturday nights at 10pm ET and on demand anytime, anywhere on DAZN.

- Today, WWE stock closed at $55.25 per share. This was a decrease of 2.37%

- WWE had a new Milestone today reaching 75 million subscribers on YouTube.

From WWE:

WWE YouTube reaches 75 million subscriber milestone

WWE's official YouTube channel surpassed 75 million subscribers, further solidifying itself as one of the world’s most followed channels. With more than 75 million total subscribers and 56 billion lifetime views, WWE ranks as the No. 1 Sports channel on YouTube and the No. 4 channel overall.

The new subscriber mark is more than the NBA, NFL, MLB, NHL, UFC, ESPN and NASCAR combined. Based on estimates, it would take nearly 75 years to count all 75 million subscribers, so we better get started now.

The channel combines premiere in-ring action highlights from Raw, SmackDown, NXT, NXT UK, 205 Live and monthly pay-per-views, incredible access with exclusive interviews, the latest news from WWE Now and live event coverage with WWE Kickoff Shows, Watch Alongs and WWE’s new Wednesday morning show, WWE's The Bump.

Thank you to the WWE Universe and 75 million strong for helping cross another milestone!

- The Rock has announced the full cast of the Justice Society in Black Adam including the former James Bond, Pierce Brosnan, as Doctor Fate.

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