Zach Gowen: "If Matt Hardy Dipped Me Into The Lake Of Reincarnation Would I Come Back With Two Legs?"

Zach Gowen looking for an answer from the "Woken One".

In 2003, the one-legged-wonder Zach Gowen made his debut with World Wrestling Entertainment. During his run in the company he was involved in feuds with the Chairman of WWE Vince McMahon, Brock Lesnar, was able to team up with Kurt Angle on a number of occasions and competed against other members of the SmackDown roster in his 2003-2004 run.

A man who is on a bit of a run himself and in position to capture the RAW Tag Team Titles is the "Woken Warrior" Matt Hardy. Gowen recently reached out via social media to Hardy and presented the question of if "Woken" Matt Hardy were to toss him into the "Lake Of Reincarnation" would he come out of the lake with two legs.