Report: Jon Jones Bench Trial For Battery Charge Happening Next Month

UFC Light Heavyweight Champion Jon Jones has been charged with misdemeanor battery after an alleged incident that happened in a strip club this past April.

KRQE has obtained a video of the unnamed victim explaining what happened to police, who appeared at her apartment to get a statement.

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“The whole situation is so complicated,” said the victim in the video (via Steven Marrocco of MMA Junkie). “I’m not really sure what to say. This person gets away with (expletive) everything.”

MMA Junkie is also reporting that Jones’ bench trial is set for September 26 and it will happen at the Albuquerque Metropolitan Court. Jones’ representatives tell MMA Junkie that the police haven’t sent the fighter a notice of court appearance and that Jones wasn’t even aware of the charges against him.

A statement from the unnamed victim said that Jones would put her in a chokehold before the UFC champion grabbed said victim’s behind.

“I was like, ‘Oh you’re going to put me in a chokehold,'” she said. “I got out of the thing, and as soon as I did that he just like picked me up and, you know, flipped me over whatever and just started roughhousing with me. The issue is that when he put me back down over by the bar, he like smacked my (expletive).”

The unnamed victim also thought that Jones would be untouchable, but police told her that Jones’ celebrity status didn’t qualify the fighter to not be reported for alleged crimes.

“It’s (expletive) Jon Jones. What am I supposed to say about that?” she said.

“A crime is a crime regardless,” an officer said. “Doesn’t give him the right just because he’s a celebrity.”

There is no word yet on what kind of potential penalties that Jones can face, but the battery charge against him is the lowest level of criminal offense in the New Mexico court system.

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