UFC 203: CM Punk vs. Mickey Gall Media Conference Call Live On Fightful.com

Listen to the media call for UFC 203 with the former pro-wrestling superstar CM Punk and his opponent Mickey Gall live on Thursday, Sept. 1 at 4pm/1pm ETPT.

- Gall says this isn't performing, it's a real fight.

- Punk said the videos we've seen of him training were when he was hurt. He says it's not unfair, but you can't listen to the internet.

- Punk says his best tool is his mindset.

- CM Punk jokes that the weight cut is terrible. Gall tells him to come in over weight so he can get a cut of his money. Punk says it'd be the most money Gall has ever made and he's fucking crazy if Gall thinks he's getting it.

- Punk says he has a decent number of fights on his contract and he wants to complete it.

- Punk says is he wins it'll be by TKO.

- Mickey Gall has a multi-fight contract with the UFC. Says he doesn't want to go back to the regional scene.

- AJ Lee had the option to not be in the documentary, but they both felt it was important to include her in the show.

- Punk says his dog was the star of the FS1 show. He kept some family stuff off the show.

- Punk puts over Roufusport.

- I think people are excited for this, as far as everything I’ve seen. We’re not going to pretend we hate each other.

- Mickey Gall doesn't want UFC fighters brought in to fight him, he wants to fight 'the killers'

- Punk jokes that he wanted Bret Hart in his corner.

- Punk: We’re going to fight. That’s the beauty of it. We don’t have to have some weird verbal pissing contest.

- Punk is asked to compare indies-WWE to regional-UFC. He says it's apples to oranges but he's sure the hunger is the same.

- Punk says he doesn't care about McGregor's WWE comments. Feels like WWE talents were told to comment on it.

- Punk says 2009 was when he decided he'd eventually do MMA.

- The training has been exactly what Punk expected it to be.

- Punk says not dealing with people's bullshit makes him feel better.

- Punk says Sonnen tries to get him on his podcast, but he's not allowed to do podcasts anymore.

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