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Here is your fight size update for Tuesday, September 7, 2021:

- Andrew Yang, the former Democratic presidential candidate has taken to Twitter to call Mick Foley a smart man after Mick Foley posted a video stating that he believes WWE is in trouble.

Ric Flair Posts Statement Regarding Allegations Made On Dark Side Of The Ring

- Universal Pictures officially released F9, the latest film in their Fast & Furious franchise, for digital purchases and streaming today, including an official director's cut of the film. John Cena joined the franchise in this film. The film will release on DVD and Blu-Ray on 9/21.

Dom Toretto thought he’d left his outlaw life in the rear-view mirror, but not even he can outrun the past. When his forsaken brother Jakob unexpectedly resurfaces as an elite assassin, the crew comes back together to help Dom settle an old score and stop a familiar foe’s diabolical plot from destroying their family.

Franchise veteran Justin Lin returns to the director’s seat for F9 and delivers this supercharged version of the hit film. From extended action to spectacular scenes that weren’t shown in theaters, F9: The Director’s Cut explodes with additional content that can only be experienced on home entertainment!


  • 2 Versions of the Movie
  1. Director’s Cut
  2. Theatrical Version
  • Gag Reel
  • F9: All In
  • Practically FAST
  • Shifting Priorities
  • Justice For Han
  • A Day on Set with Justin Lin
  • John Cena: Supercar Superfan
  • Feature Commentary

- WWE 2K Battlegrounds' 80's pack is 50% off

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- Crimson Cage, a brand new comic book blending the high-flying action of wrestling with the madness seen in MacBeth will release in December from AWA Studios. Speaking with ScreenRant, John Lees, explains how this new comic book series in caps awaits his love of professional wrestling and Shakespeare.

In addition to my love of pro wrestling, the other major factor in the development of this story is my obsession with William Shakespeare’s Macbeth. I’m a fan of Shakespeare in general, but Macbeth is a story I’ve devoured in numerous incarnations. Akira Kurosawa’s Throne of Blood is one of my all-time favorite films. I’ve wanted to do my own spin on Macbeth for almost as long as I’ve wanted to do a wrestling story, and it was a mighty flash of inspiration to dovetail the two together! As a result, Macbeth is a major touchstone for that vibe of the sinister supernatural encroaching on the very human themes of desire and ambition.

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- Speaking with Cageside Seats' Shakiel Mahjouri, EC3 explains "Free The Narrative"

“It lives in between what is currently taking place,” he shares. “And I want the circumstances to mean something when somebody comes through us. What they do next. Maybe it’s not blatantly, ‘Oh look, he spent time in The Narrative, look at him now.’ It’s not that, as much as this man or woman has changed and they are different. How did that come to be? Kind of the first experiment of it all was with Moose.”

“The fight in The Narrative is the fight for yourself, for your freedom, to take back your control, to find your purpose. It is created as a true creative outlet for any talent that feels stifled, lost their way or looking for reinvention. This is a place I want to build for them to come and do just that. Now that it’s getting a lot of attention, cinematic matches jumped the shark a long time ago. This is not cinematic matches in the sense where EC3 has mystical powers where he’s going to disappear and re-appear.

“This is a cinematic wrestling experience. it’s professional wrestling shot cinematically. We have a camera in the ring, we have no referee, and we have different angles we want to bring in an intimate, up-close view for the viewer so they can feel the physicality and the emotion that we as performers go through when we’re struggling [or] when we’re succeeding. The ups and downs. It’s a real emotional rollercoaster that goes beyond the horses—t you see on TV nowadays.”

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- Today, WWE stock was trading at $50.94 per share when the market closed.

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