Bianca Belair Reaches 100 Days As Champion, Kevin Nash Reflects On 'Diesel' Run | Fight Size Update

Here is your fight size update for Tuesday, July 20, 2021:

- Bianca Belair has reached 100 Days as WWE SmackDown Women’s Champion.

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- Speaking with Sports Illustrated, Kevin Nash reflected on his run as “Big Daddy Cool” Diesel.

“It hit me recently while I was watching the [WWE Untold: Two Dudes with Attitudes] special about me and Shawn [Michaels],” said Nash. “That was only three years of my life. It seemed like so much more. I came from basically nowhere. There were so many times during my first run in WCW that I was going to leave and go back to the bar scene. It didn’t seem like it was going anywhere, until I came to WWE.”

- Former ECW star Steve Corino is coming out of retirement to face his son, Colby Corino, in a match for PWF next month in North Carolina.

- According to Mike Johnson, Reginald will be positioned as a babyface on the WWE Raw, and the current plan is to use his background from his experience as a Cirque du Soliel performer as a fresh face in the WWE 24/7 Championship.

- Also, according to Johnson Toni Storm is planned to be on the babyface side of the roster when she debuts this week on Friday Night SmackDown.

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- Speaking with POST Wrestling, Chase Del Monte of Chaotic Wrestling discussed the creation of the Pan-Optic Championship.

Many of the women on our roster have expressed an interest in wrestling outside of a gender-specific women’s division. In early 2019, Davienne expressed an interest in leaving the women’s division (where she had previously been the longest-reigning women’s champion) so that she could wrestle a greater diversity of opponents. She went on to win the tag team championships with JT Dunn, and is now challenging for the Heavyweight Championship. Since then, other women on the roster have expressed that having a women’s title and women’s division felt like a constraint. They wanted to be able to wrestle anyone, regardless of their gender.

With that in mind, our inaugural champion Becca has proven herself to be one of the hardest workers and fastest rising stars on the independent scene. She has trained with us at the New England Pro Wrestling Academy for nearly 2 years at this point, and has grown exponentially in that time. In training, she was consistently having great matches with male classmates, and it felt like a shame that if she was women’s champion, those matches would not have had the opportunity to be held in front of a crowd. The idea to change the title came about from a lot of collaborative discussions, with a lot of input and interest from Becca herself. She wanted to be able to face a wider variety of challengers, and as she is also a strong advocate of LGBTQ+ representation, she welcomed the opportunity to invite further representation of that community. Becca is the perfect person to lead this title and represent Chaotic as its first Pan-Optic Champion."

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- Mike Johnson of PWInsider reported that The Undertaker was visiting backstage at this week’s edition of WWE RAW at the American Airlines Center in Dallas. Additionally, his wife, former WWE superstar Michelle McCool, was sitting ringside during the show.

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- Speaking with DAZN, Big E reflected on the potential of cashing in on Bobby Lashley.

“I think it really does have a lot of significance. I think that’s a great point. As far as you know, two black men competing for that title is incredible. I think it also means more to me because I think Bobby has done an incredible job elevating himself. I think seeing him with the Hurt Business with MVP; he’s a guy who you knew had what it took but wasn’t there. I think back to the stuff with him and Sami (Zayn). When you watch that program, you don’t think ‘future world champion.’ He was in that doldrum of sorts. I think this last year when I watch him, he looks like ‘The Guy’ to me. He looks like a star. He moves like a star. He performs like a star. I think he’s incredibly talented. It’s odd to think at 45 that he’s really hitting his stride.”

- Today, WWE stock closed at $38.71

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