Bryan Danielson Jokes, 'I Want To Write A Book Called Why Men Are The Best'

Bryan Danielson has a new book in mind.

Ahead of AEW Revolution, Danielson made it no secret that he wanted to go on first against MJF in their Iron Man match so he could go to bed early.

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Speaking on Unconsciously Coupled alongside his wife Brie Garcia (formerly Brie Bella), Danielson provided more insight to his early sleep habits.

"I love going to sleep by 8:15. I want to be asleep by 8:15. I feel like, especially this time of year, it's easier because it gets dark so early. I've never drank in my life. I've never associated night time with fun time. I've always associated daytime with fun things. During the day, you can go hiking. You can do this or that. Night time, what's there to do at night time? I guess, watch TV. I don't really watch shows," said Danielson.

Brie noted that while her husband tries to sleep, she watches her shows in bed.

"She watches, right next to me, her show, on full blast. What I do, when I want to go to sleep or read or whatever, I put on headphones. I put on an eye mask. I go out of my way to make her life more convenient. How easy would it be for her to put on headphones, because she's watching it on her iPad anyway, how easy would it be for her to put on headphones? It's not on the TV," he said.

After laughing with Brie and co-hosts Erinn and Oliver Hudson, Bryan joked, "I want to write this book. It's called, Why Men Are The Best: The History Of The Stronger, Faster, Smarter, Overall Better Sex. I say it, jokingly, because everyone who knows me and knows us, she's the one on the bed watching her shows with no headphones, and I'm just the one trying to sleep, and I have my headphones on, but she's the one who runs the show."

Best of luck with that book, Mr. Danielson.

Elsewhere during the interview, Danielson gave an update on his condition coming out of AEW Revolution. You can find his full comments by clicking here.

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