Chris Jericho Says He's Never Seen A Kenny Omega Match

Chris Jericho is about to learn what the buzz about Kenny Omega is all about.

In an interesting interview with Jim Ross on his podcast, Chris Jericho claimed that he's never seen a Kenny Omega match before. During this current tour he's on with Fozzy he'll catch up and study, but to him it's about combining the WWE and New Japan styles that will excite fans of both promotions:

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"I have never watched a Kenny Omega match before. I'm going to start watching them now and get into the groove and start to figure out how I want to run this match and what the ideas are. I didn't watch because I wanted to wait until I could really focus because I'm the type of guy that can't just make ideas happen. It's like writing a song. The muse has to come and then when the muse comes, I'll come up with the whole match in 10 minutes. So I want to start really focusing in on some of Kenny's work when I get off this tour. I just heard about Kenny. I talked about Kenny. I listened to a lot of people that are experts in the business tell me about him, and I'm really excited to start delving into some of his stuff, and really focusing in on it and seeing how Chris Jericho can start putting together a match on Kenny Omega's strengths. And also from him as well, I'm really excited to hear what his ideas are. And Kenny's not a spot monkey, but New Japan is a different style and WWE is a different style. I think if we can merge the two, the New Japan fans and the fans worldwide are going to lose their f--king minds."

Jericho will battle Omega for the United States title at WrestleKingdom 12 on January 4 in the Tokyo Dome, so he has a month or two before learning what Omega has to offer. 

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