Court Bauer: WWE Once Spent $30,000 On Worms For A Boogeyman Segment

Court Bauer looks back on the time WWE spent $30,000 dollars on worms for a Boogeyman segment.

In recent years, Bauer as built up Major League Wrestling into what it is today, as he is the company's CEO. But years ago, Bauer worked as a writer for WWE, where Vince McMahon was his boss. Of course, this experience left him with plenty of memorable stories.

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Speaking on the Wrestling Perspective Podcast, Bauer discussed his time with WWE. He recalled the time WWE spent $30,000 on some worms for a segment with the Boogeyman, somewhat unbeknownst to McMahon himself, because the company used organic worms for the segment.

"There are times when Vince will try something and spend a significant amount of money, and it doesn’t work, and he just says, ‘Alright, well, we tried it.’ You’re like, ‘Wow, that could have funded half a year for my company back in the day.’ One time, we had a thing where The Boogeyman, who loved to eat worms, not really, but it was part of the gimmick, and we had these worms fall from the ceiling of the arena. JBL is rolling around in them because of course the heel is terrified of the worms, and Vince is laughing like, ‘Ah, that’s great.’ It’s raining worms in the arena. He turns to us and he goes, ‘How much were those worms? That’s a lot of worms.’ We get the writer’s assistant and [asked], ‘How much was that?’ He goes, ‘Well, sir, that was 30,000 dollars.’ Vince’s jaw drops. ‘30,000 thousand dollars for worms?’ Well, they were out of normal worms, so we had to go organic. He just looks shocked. He’s like, ‘I can’t believe we just blew 30,000 dollars.’ There’s John Layfield rolling in the worms, and he’s crying, and everyone’s laughing. But it’s like, he was shocked, and I think that assistant was fired soon thereafter. But the show went on. You think about a lot of companies, just for a gag, to spend that kind of money, it’s excessive. At WWE, it’s on a totally different level," Bauer said.

McMahon retired on July 22, but stories like the one Bauer shared will live on forever.

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