David Arquette Reached Out To Cody To Be A Part Of Finale For His Documentary

David Arquette had an ideal match for the ending of his documentary.

The former WCW World Champion recently appeared on the Two Man Power Trip podcast to discuss his documentary "You Cannot Kill David Arquette" and revealed that he had actually contacted Cody for a potential match as the finale for the documentary, but the match didn't happen.

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Arquette did wrestle Jungle Boy, the son of Arquette's late friend Luke Perry, and said if that's the biggest match he'll ever get, then he would be very happy with that fact.

"The one dream match I wanted, and I thought it could be the finale of the documentary too, was against Cody Rhodes in AEW. I reached out to him and it just didn’t happen. I always wanted to wrestle Cody and I don’t know if it will ever happen. I got to wrestle Jungle Boy Jack Perry in the film, who lost his father and I lost a dear friend, so that was sort of a dream match to me. If that’s my biggest match I would be happy with that," Arquette said.

Arquette is no stranger to the wrestling and acting worlds and admitted that there was a lot that he didn't know about wrestling, recalling his triple threat cage match in WCW in which he lost the WCW World Heavyweight Title.

"I was super surprised. I was totally sort of lost and again I didn't get that wasn't a lot of rehearsal, there wasn't a lot of preparation, there wasn't a lot of walking through because those things kind of move fast anyway. You are moving from town to town and you are getting there and eating at the thing, you are eating something and going back to your hotel and than you maybe go over something a second but it just left a lot of things really unclear for me. I didn't know all of the stuff you could do, like I didn't know you could say I don't want to get punked like that or that you can beat me up but make it like I really got hurt or something or let me try a move. The only move I got them to let me do was jumping off the top rope in the triple cage match because I always loved Jimmy "Superfly" Snuka but they wouldn't even let me land on somebody or hit somebody. Nobody wanted me to hit them and nobody wanted where I could hurt them," Arquette said.

Credit to The Two Man Power Trip of Wrestling Podcast for sending quotes and you can listen to the full podcast at this link.

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