Dolph Ziggler: "I’ve Built A Career Out Of Not Quite Being Their Guy, But Always There In A Pinch"

Dolph Ziggler talks if his up and down career has been frustrating.

Dolph Ziggler has been a name that has been thrown out there by wrestling fans as an individual who has not been properly utilized throughout his tenure in WWE. Dolph Ziggler is a multi-time World Champion, Intercontinental, United States and Tag Team Champion and he is also a Money In The Bank winner. Throughout the years that he has logged in with WWE, Ziggler has openly talked about the on and off pushes that he has received and has given various outlooks in different interviews.

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Dolph recently joined Sunday Night's Main Event podcast and was asked does he become frustrated about the start and stop pushes and here's what "The Showoff" had to say:

"I mean, it's just what it was day one. It’s show business, of course it’s frustrating. When you think you deserve to be champion, and you’re not, and there’s a locker room of 60 people who all think they should be champion and they’re not, it’s frustrating to the 59 people who are not champion." Ziggler explained. "That’s life, and you get used to it and you go, ‘Here’s where I can win my battle: I can go out there and show everyone how good I am, so if the right time happens, or the money is put into the bank until it’s time to withdraw and I’m the guy for it’ so, I’ve built a career out of a guy, not quite being their guy, but always there in a pinch and hoping that leads to something else so of course, it’s show business, you’re gonna be frustrated. Even when you’re the champ, you’re gonna be frustrated if you’re not doing it exactly the way you want it to be but that’s life and sometimes, people aren’t as good as you and they’re the champ for 20 years and sometimes, people are way better than you and they’re sitting in catering and not wrestling so, you get used to that life, you get used to the internet constantly letting you know how you feel about it without you actually telling them and it makes it funny. But, you know, I try and have fun with everybody on social media. I love my job, especially on the weekends. There is no one to tell me what to do and the last couple of weeks, its been Kofi Kingston and myself in the main event for the title on the live events, tearing the house down and beating the hell out of each other and that’s the reason I’m a WWE superstar.” Ziggler said.

Last Tuesday on SmackDown Live, Dolph Ziggler and Kevin Owens teamed up to earn a spot in the SmackDown Tag Titles match at Extreme Rules but failed to do so. Once the match was over, Kevin Owens decided to leave Dolph Ziggler in the rearview mirror.

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