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Here is your fight size update for Friday, May 7th, 2021:

- Since Drew McIntyre won the WWE Championship from Brock Lesnar at WrestleMania 36, Tyson Fury has regularly called out the Superstar for a clash of two top British athletes in the squared circle.

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Now, speaking to Rick Ucchino and Kevin Kellam of Sportskeeda, McIntyre stated his belief that a UK special event between himself and Tyson Fury can bring a lot more eyeballs to WWE from viewers who wouldn't normally watch.

"The way things are today with the Network being on Peacock now... we can do them across the world. It [McIntyre versus Fury] is possible. I think it's gonna happen. I think it should happen and I do believe that McIntyre and Fury, a couple of the UK's most successful sons, would put more eyeballs on the product. We could really turn some heads with that match," McIntyre declared.

- Speaking with DAZN, Paul Heyman discussed where Roman Reigns currently stands among the Mount Rushmore competitors in WWE history and stated that each week, you are seeing Roman Reigns evolve. Steven Muehlhausen sent along the following quote.

"I think you're seeing it every Friday on SmackDown. If you take a look at the evolution of the persona since he returned at the end of August, and you watch how at the beginning, every word was intentional. Every movement has a purpose during his promos, in that we were starting to reveal the dynamic of who this actual human being is. Then as we got into the rivalry with Jey Uso and you started to understand he's not just the Tribal Chief, he's the Head of the Table and why he is The Head of the Table. The explanation of how he feeds not just his own immediate family, how he is responsible for the entire Anoai/Fatu Dynasty, how he takes care of everybody, how everyone relies on him. What that pressure, indeed that burden must be on a man and how the championship is a must, not just a prop. Not just something for me or him to hold. Not just the token that is demonstrative of being the main event, the top attraction in the promotion, but how it is a tool by which he can demonstrate to the world that he is the WrestleMania main event, the champion, the attraction in all of WWE and sports entertainment. Then as we got into the Kevin Owens situation, and you start to see the sheer savagery of his ambition and why that ambition plays out into the psyche and how it plays out into the psyche of the persona, the character, and the man known as Roman Reigns.

"Then you get to the WrestleMania (38) main event, and he's against Edge, who's a Hall of Famer, (then) Daniel Bryan, who's a first-ballot Hall of Famer. The fact that he then not only defeats them both, but he stacks them in the most declarative, dominant pinfall in the history of WrestleMania main events. Every moment that you see Roman Reigns on television, you are witnessing a character and persona, and a human being accomplish that vision of going to a level never achieved by Sammartino, Hogan, Austin, Rock, Triple H, Shawn Michaels, John Cena, Ric Flair, etc. You're witnessing it every single time. You're not only seeing another layer evolve. You're seeing another layer get pulled back at the very same time. The strength from which he demonstrates this greatness is at the very same time and quite compelling and riveting, a very vulnerable moment because he's revealing another side of himself to the public. That is authentic. That is genuine. That is really himself, the human being, and it's fascinating to watch."

- It was recently uncovered that recently deceased rapper MF DOOM referenced Orange Cassidy in the lyrics of one of his songs.

- 90-Day Fiance star, Paola Mayfield recently made her professional wrestling debut.

- Per a report by Dave Meltzer in the latest Wrestling Observer Newsletter, Major League Wrestling is looking to add newer and higher profile names to its roster by way of their larger budget because of New Media deals. Their upcoming draft will feature managers in the role of "promoters" and talent from Dragon Gate in Japan and Revolution Pro Wrestling in the United Kingdom.

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- WWE stock today closed at $54.87 per share.

- Brian Johnson recently spoke to WrestleZone where he declared himself the best talker in wrestling.

This open challenge isn’t just Ring of Honor. I’m calling anybody out. You see other companies having guys show up from different shows all the time. You see other companies picking people that you wouldn’t expect from an independent company coming up and getting an opportunity.

“I legitimately believe in my heart of hearts, I know that I am one of the best damn professional wrestlers on planet earth, period, bar none. And when I speak, if you ain’t brain-dead, you listen because I’m the best damn talker there is in professional wrestling. So I’m opening up an entire ring, the best ring for professional wrestling, to any jackass on the planet, whether you wrestle [on] Wednesday night, Tuesday night, Monday night, Friday night, you sleep in your car to make Saturdays and Sunday night work, I don’t give a damn. I’m better than you, 100% and I’ll prove it. And in the end, everyone will know one name, M-e-c-c-a, “The Mecca” Brian Johnson.”

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