EC3 Discusses ROH Final Battle Segment, Plans To Follow Up

EC3 helped deliver one of the top moments at ROH Final Battle when he "released the Titan."

Following an eight-man tag team match, EC3 got on the mic and discussed "the unknown" as ROH goes on hiatus. At the end of his promo, EC3 brought out Adam Scherr (Braun Strowman in WWE), who laid waste to Brian Johnson, Eli Isom, and Dak Draper.

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Appearing on ROH Strong, EC3 discussed the promo.

"Those are the moments you live for. This is where all the sacrifice and all the bad things, the subpar things, the meaningless things...the work you do on the back end and looks like it goes nowhere, to get that payoff and a moment is perfect. A moment is all you can expect from perfection. To have it, to live it, I have a couple of stories I can tell," he said before going into the first story. "I'm going nuts and losing my goose. I'm slightly cognizant of the fact that we're on pay-per-view and time is running and I'm still a professional and I definitely want Jon [Gresham] to have his moment at the end of the show and everything. I didn't want to rush it, but I knew I had to in a sense. Everything in wrestling is so manufactured nowadays from walkthroughs and scriptwriting and all this. I had things that I wanted to say, but I was like, 'why am I trying to remember words? Speak from the heart, say the things you think. Let's feel this.' A lot new talent, which I'm trying to instill in them, is that the feeling is what makes it worth it. Going out there with nothing and creating, you feel so much better than going out there and doing all the things you talked about and rehearsed."

EC3 discussed capturing the attention of a fan in the front row, who was heckling him throughout the promo but then freaked out when Scherr showed up.

"The second one, the Narrative guys, we're on the road back and everyone is on their phones. It's the first time I had the chance to look at my phone. I pull it out, I'm looking at my crew and what we accomplished and I'm like, 'Not one person can say what happened because I felt what happened.' I didn't look at the phone, I just sat there in silence, very appreciative of what took place," he said.

Only a handful of people knew Scherr was in the building with EC3 wanting to keep things close to the vest so it didn't leak out.

With ROH going on hiatus, questions have risen regarding the follow up to the angle.

When asked how EC3 will continue the angle, he replied, "It's about the follow through. When you're doing business on other people's terms, there's going to be give and take. The control that I so desperately seek, exists in my realm, can it exist in other realms? Can this awakening take place in other three letter brands? I think it's poised to be something so unique, hot, and profitable, and interesting to not only fans but to the companies that would allow this 4D chess to be placed on their platforms. The sky is truly the limit. We accomplished one thing, but the second I accomplish one thing, it's onto the next. Control Your Narrative isn't a faction, it's an idea."

Isom, Draper, and Johnson were the three ROH names involved in the segment and EC3 revealed he handpicked those three to be part of the narrative.

"They were named specifically by me, not only to the office, but allowed on pay-per-view because of what I see in them. That's why I had them there. What was important to that whole segment was, I didn't want them to be casualties at the expense of a name coming in to beat people up. They were not there to be warm bodies to be tossed around. They were there with reason and purpose and what I see in them. All three have lost their home, in theory, they don't know what's next and are jumping into the unknown. I've been there and know the feeling. They literally came to me asking, 'what should we do?' All three of them have had instances with, I want them to know that the unknown is not a safe place, but it's the right place," he said.

EC3 noted that he and Draper crossed paths in NXT and he wanted Johnson to be known as more than just a good in-ring guy.

As far as Isom goes, EC3 said about him, "Eli wasn't on my radar until a couple of weeks prior to Final Battle, we had a one-on-one match. It meant a lot to me. As we're having this match and I'm talking my shit, I can see it resonating with him. Now, he's fighting back and he's starting to get it. i think he took a step up in who he was in that match until we get to the back and I see him, and he's emotional. Not like weeping or crying that he lost. He felt something different and felt what this industry should make you feel and that's real emotion. He's like, 'that was maybe my favorite match of all time because I felt it out there.' Him having emotion, I pegged him as a guy too."

The bout between EC3 and Eli Isom aired on the December 13 episode of ROH Television.

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