Edge Wants To Feud With Sami Zayn, Willing To Keep It Simple And Build It Around Hockey

Edge is impressed with the ability of Sami Zayn.

Edge came back at the Royal Rumble in 2020 with one goal in mind, to complete his own journey in wrestling while helping along the younger talent.

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One of those names that came into WWE while Edge was firmly into retirement is Sami Zayn. Edge has always expressed a fondness for the ability of Sami Zayn but now, he is looking forward to actually having the opportunity to work against him inside the squared circle.

Speaking with Sports Illustrated, Edge explained why he wants to work against Tammy van and even says that he would keep it simple and shoot an angle with him in Toronto where they both wear hockey jerseys of their preferred teams. Edge would be wearing a Maple Leafs Jersey and Sami Zayn would wear a jersey representing the Montreal Canadiens.

“I would love to share the ring with Sami Zayn,” Copeland says, speaking before last week’s match against Rollins. “I would love to do it in Toronto. We’d keep it real simple. He can come out in his Habs jersey, I’ll come out in my Leafs jersey, and we’ll go from there.”

“There’s a key to Sami’s success,” Copeland adds. “There is an element of truth to all his promos. As a heel, you have to have that nugget of truth. If you have it, you can push everything else forward. So his promos feel much more real. He’s doing incredible work.”

On last week's episode of SmackDown, Sami Zayn brought out Trae Young in Madison Square Garden much to the chagrin of the New York audience. Proving, much like Edge says, that Sami Zayn knows how to attract the gears of an audience.

“The crowd just knows to boo this guy,” Copeland says. “That’s to his credit. His promos, his character work—Sami is incredible. He’s gone from El Generico, then this plucky babyface with checkered tights and Mighty Mighty Bosstones–type music. Now he looks like some kind of dictator. I really dig it. Thinking about it, I can’t wait for it to happen.”

At the end of his match with Seth Rollins last week, Edge was carted off on a stretcher, seemingly ending this most recent stretch of time with him on WWE television.

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