Enzo Amore: You Are A Pro Wrestler And Don't Want To Work With Me? You Are An Idiot

Enzo Amore made a surprise appearance at Talk 'N Shop A Mania on August 1, but don't expect him to be involved in wrestling during the pandemic era.

Speaking to Busted Open Radio, Enzo discussed his future in wrestling and why he's been frustrated since his WWE release in 2018.

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"I knew I would get involved again, but one thing I will say is I couldn't bring myself, in this present climate, to get out there in front of no fans," he said. "I don't want to say 'rest assured' but I can almost guarantee you that you won't see my ass pop up unless there's a big ass crowd there. I'm no one without those people. That's what makes pro wrestling, pro wrestling. They've managed to do some incredible things with what they've been given. It's gonna be intriguing to see what the future holds for pro wrestling, especially for a guy like me. I've been able to create controversy, stir the pot, blur the lines. I thought that's why people loved pro wrestling. I'm sitting here defining myself as this 'controversy creates cash' cow and it was mind-blowing to me as a performer, that other performers did not step outside of the box in those moments and come join me in my path. I think people will join me on that path in the near future. Time forgives and heals all wounds."

He continued, "I'm not here to work and make a million dollars for the next guy, if I can do it for me, great. If I can bring a million dollars to pro wrestling -- you are a wrestler, and you don't want to work with me? You are an idiot. You are not doing what is best for business. You're getting caught up in the hype, believing what these fans are saying to you, believing what you hear on the internet and not doing what is best for business."

Enzo has made headlines since leaving WWE, most notably when he made an appearance alongside Big Cass at ROH-NJPW G1 Supercard at Madison Square Garden. Enzo and Cass did a worked-shoot angle with The Briscoes at G1 Supercard, but there was no follow-up from ROH.

Elsewhere during the interview, Enzo explained why ROH didn't follow-up on the angle. You can get his thoughts by clicking here.

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