Amira: I Left Ireland For The UK With The Goal Of Getting As Good As I Could Before Returning

Amira talks leaving The Emerald Isle and who she could square up to next.

Amira has been wrestling across the United Kingdom for a few years now, and recently captured her first championship in the ring. However, for many fans, they are familiar with her managing role alongside British Heavyweight Champion Michael Oku.

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In a recent interview with Fightful's Corey Brennan, Amira was asked to name some women in the Irish and UK scene she would like to face off with in the future, including some familar faces.

"Give me Session Moth. Give me Debbie. Give me Anita Vaughn give me Aoife Valkyrie, not Lyra, but give me Aoife Valkyrie. I would see Milo Grace in the ring. I'd see Sky James. There's a lot of other girls like you probably haven't heard of that i'm gonna name here, there's a girl called Mercy, a girl called Short Fuse, a girl called Morgan, and they're all from the north. Give me anybody in the Irish state and i'm more than happy to go."

Amira continued, detailing what she aimed to achieve when she left Ireland for the United Kingdom two years ago.

"I left Ireland about two years ago now, and I left it with the the goal of getting as good as I can in the UK so I can come back to Ireland. Because at that point there wasn't a space for me where I needed to go. So I'm very, very excited to fight anybody in Ireland and to come back to Ireland one day and show them how good I could be and can be and will be. Up Ireland!"

Amira is currently scheduled to be ringside for her partner Michael Oku's British Heavyweight Championship match with Will Ospreay at RevPro High Stakes on February 18th with the stipulation that should she throw in the towel, Ospreay will win the matchup.

Elsewhere in the same interview, Amira addressed the upcoming bout and what it would mean for Michael to score the victory over Ospreay. You can read more here.

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