Cabana Man Dan Recalls Braun Strowman Tossing Singh Brothers, Meeting Vince McMahon

Cabana Man Dan reflects on WWE extra appearances.

No matter which town they are in, WWE often uses local wrestlers as extras for segments. Extras typically appear as security guards, but the role largely depends on the segment.

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Cabana Man Dan has made three appearances as a WWE extra, most famously getting a Singh brother tossed on him by Braun Strowman on the January 14, 2019 episode of WWE Raw.

Speaking to Jeremy Lambert & Stephen Jensen on The Spotlight, Cabana Man Dan reflected on his experience as an extra.

"It's always cool to see how the sausage is made. They are very thorough on their physicals, and I'm a very beat up wrestler. It's cool to be part of it, and if they have stuff that's not physical, like being part of the Conga line or being backstage and doing whatever, I get to do that. I did get a Singh brother thrown on me a bunch one night by Braun Strowman, and I talked to Vince McMahon that night," he said.

When asked about meeting Vince McMahon, Dan said, "We were there, conducting business, you have Vince McMahon walk up to you, and that's like the Godfather of professional wrestling as I know it. They had produced a segment and now it's time to present it to Vince. He's walking up and told, 'Braun is going to throw a Singh brother on this table here and there are two tables behind us.' 'Well, God damn, can't Braun throw him through a third table in back?' 'Yeah, we'll do that.' We had the Singh brother thrown on us, do it again, thrown on the table a second time. Someone yelled, 'Fuck,' 'You can't say fuck.' We did it a few times to one poor Singh brother, then they were like, 'let's do one more with the other brother,' and they took that take. It's a huge mix of all these production people, it is like making movies, pal. Anytime I can go and be a part of that, I try to."

Dan recently did extra work for WWE when SmackDown was in Knoxville.

Cabana Man Dan is currently sidelined with an injury, but says he'll be back in the ring soon.

Fans can watch the full interview with Dan in the video above.

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