Chelsea Green: The 90 Day No-Compete Is A Win-Win, But I Don't Necessarily Want It

Chelsea Green has been released by WWE, but before that, she was set to be with the company through 2023.

Fightful reported that Green had signed a new contract, with the news breaking just last months. Green confirmed the news, but said that the extension had actually happened months prior. Even more, the deal was offered before her unfortunate injury on Smackdown in November 2020.

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"It was offered before, but it was something that I really needed to think about. Because my career at WWE didn’t go the way I thought it would. I didn’t make the impressions that I thought it would on everyone. So, I really wanted to sit down and think about it. I had decided that most likely going forward, after seeing the struggle that Matt had and going place to place and trying to figure out what he was going to do, I thought, ‘You know what? This was my goal. I want to be here.’ So, I wanted to sign it. So, I freakin’ signed that thing so fast once I broke my arm. You could’ve gotten me that contract right in the hospital. Like, I was like, ‘No, I want to be here,’ and I think it was while I was in the hospital bed that I was like, ‘Shit. I almost did it. I almost got there and on Survivor Series and all these cool things were coming my way. Stop taking these opportunities for granted. I’m lucky.’"

As it turned out, Green had actually signed a couple of contracts in 2020 ahead of some major life events.

"That’s another funny thing. I actually had resigned a contract right before I got called up. I actually had resigned a contract for NXT right before I got called up. So, I would have still had a solid two years," Green said.

Now Green has 90 days of pay before she's officially let loose by WWE. She clarified that she would be just fine if she didn't have it, as she feels like she's had enough time off already.

"I will say I don’t necessarily want 90 days off of wrestling. I don’t want 90 days away from the public. I’ve had a year away from the public eye. I’ve had a year away from interacting with the fans and showing them why I know I’m a star, you know? I am so thankful that the things I did before WWE really shone a positively light on my skill because if I hadn’t had the IMPACT Women’s Championship, if I hadn’t had main evented Lucha Underground, if I hadn’t had a bomb ass match at All In, would you guys still be waiting for me? Would you still remember the hot mess? Would we be having these interviews? I don’t know. I’m kind of like, ‘I had so much time off. Just let me go. Just let me do what I want to do, which is wrestle and act and do all these things where I get to interact.’ So, I’m like counting down the days while also trying to figure out a way, like, ‘Do I need these 90 days? Do I need 90 days of pay? Can I just go and do my own thing and shine?’"

Either way, Green does have the 90-day no compete clause, and looks at it as a positive, even if she could do without it.

"I feel like it’s a win-win with the non-compete because of the money. I think that we’re making so much more money in WWE than we are on the indies. So, it’s great to ride out that 90 days and know that you have 90 days to save up as much as you can to prepare yourself for, especially in this time. We’re so lucky to get a paycheck in this time. Man, all my friends and my family, they struggle through the pandemic. I felt very fortunate to have this paycheck coming in and I feel very fortunate to have the 90 days."

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